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Word For 2008

David Copeland · December 1, 2007
Newsletter · Volume: 7 Issue: 12

God is so good!

By the time you receive this newsletter, Pam and I will already be in Kenya East Africa for our fourth ministry trip to that nation. Please pray for protection as we travel, for a great harvest of souls, and pray for a demonstration of signs and wonders to the Glory of God!

Word For 2008

I don’t consider myself to be a prophet. But I know God has called us to carry a prophetic mantle to the Body of Christ to speak the things we are hearing Him say! In prayer and preparation for a service recently in Wytheville, Virginia, the Holy Spirit led me to Psalms 8, a passage that I believe bears looking at for some things I sense God wants to release in the Body of Christ for 2008.

First of the number eight is the number of a new beginning. With the seventh year signaling an end of some things in our lives that have blessed us, held us together, comforted us, and in some instances tormented us…it’s time for them to end! While in Kenya several years ago, I saw a sign that has stuck in my spirit that read: “What looks like the end, might really be a new beginning.”

Secondly, there are nine verses in this Psalm. Nothing happens by accident. I realize men divided the Bible up in chapter and verse, but if God moved on these men to write these words and we hold them to have come from the hand of the Lord, we have to believe that Holy men of God just might have divided it up in chapter and verse under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Nine in scripture indicates a new birth!

Many who have been barren and broken are going to conceive and birth a specific promise of God! Things some of us have been waiting for all our lives are going to come to pass over the next two years! In the words of TD Jakes, “Get ready, get ready, get ready!”

Thirdly, a fresh move of the Spirit is coming among children, youth and young adults.

Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger. —Psalms 8:2

I also sense there are people, churches and ministries that have been “flying under the radar”…laboring in obscurity with very little visible progress are going to come to the forefront with a word of healing, encouragement and restoration.

Next, a visitation is coming that will release the truth of Dominion: God’s Dominion, into the hearts of His people. This truth of dominion will make us realize the Church will not rule by the force of man or by political posturing, but by the force of love! I know some goofy stuff came from a teaching on dominion many years ago, but this time when goofiness begins to manifest, pastors and leaders are going to quash it because God is releasing fresh discernment on what is from the Holy Spirit and what is the flesh; and He’s ready for His people to win the battle over the flesh!

No, the church is NOT going to take over the world in 2008! In fact, the church is going to be stripped of some of it’s political clout because of the failures of some more of our high profile ministries; this stripping or loss will allow God to release both the message and the anointing for dominion over certain areas of our lives and ministries that have been holding us back and beating us down! Especially in the area of pride! This will cause us to focus on promoting HIS name and not our own!

Our response should be the following:

  1. Increase the prayer and intercession. I really shouldn’t have to say a word about the need for increased prayer and intercession! Specifically we need targeted intercession for church leadership, for the upcoming election as well as problems that are going to develop within the economy.
  2. Consider turning some of our services into times of waiting on the Lord. Most mega churches are not going to do this because of time constraints and limitations they place on the moving of the Spirit; but the Holy Ghost is going to invade some of these places that have tended to lean toward limiting the use of the Gifts of the Spirit in the services; pastors and churches who want to shut God down, will find Him moving on! What happened at Crystal Cathedral earlier this year with a spontaneous water baptism will begin happening in nominal churches all across America. And with it will come true manifestations of the gifts of the Spirit without the goofiness! And Pentecostal/Charismatic people will say it can’t be so…but it will be!

There is much more the Lord is speaking to me but time and space will not allow me to continue. Visit our blog page at or for fresh articles on what God is doing and speaking to us for the coming days! As always, we thank you for your prayers and financial support! Your Partnership is very important to us! Pam and I love you all and sincerely thank you for allowing us to be your Missionaries to the Nations of the World!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!