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David Copeland · November 1, 2007
Newsletter · Volume: 7 Issue: 11

I’m thankful for my wife of almost 28 years. It really gets better and better with time!

I’m thankful for my daughters and sons-in law God has given me who are actively seeking to serve God to their best ability.

I’m thankful for the most beautiful grandchildren in the entire world! I was severely rebuked recently for saying that by another pastor…but I have pictures to prove it!

I’m thankful to God He counted me faithful so many years ago and put me into the ministry; I’m thankful for all the years He allowed Pam and I to serve in full time pastoral ministry, and I’m thankful He is allowing me to live the dream of my heart I had when I was a young man first starting out in ministry! To travel to the nations of the world to preach the Gospel! I am thankful!

I’m thankful today for the friends God has given me who pastor churches all over the world! They are not just acquaintances; they have become dear friends that Pam and I cannot do without!

I’m thankful to God for the Kingdom connections He has given us with some of these churches; who allow Pam and I to return monthly, quarterly or yearly to minister to their congregations! One pastor kidded me about being on staff at some of these churches that keep appearing on our itinerary. He was kidding; but I took it as a complement that pastors would trust me enough to invite me back again and again! Because they have caught a glimpse of my heart to truly help the local church be revived and flourish into the ministry God intends them to be!

And I am very thankful for all our monthly partners! We could not do what we do without you! Just as we need pastors to believe in what God has called us to do, we need people who believe in what God has called us to do and sow into this work with prayer and finances. I am very thankful!

I’m also thankful for the people who have responded to the altar calls we have given in the last six years of traveling ministry! I’m thankful we have seen God touch more people in one year than we did in twenty years of pastoral ministry because of the technology that allows us to move from place to place! I’m thankful for the names that have been written in heaven. I’m thankful for the backsliders who have returned home to Jesus; and I’m thankful for the manifestations of the Holy Spirit we have seen in churches and conventions all over the world!

As we enter the Thanksgiving season, how about setting down and making a list of some things you are thankful for; take them before God between now and Thanksgiving Day, and let Him know how thankful you are to HIM that He is the source of every good gift and every perfect gift!

And make Thanksgiving a way of life, not just a once a year event!

Ministry Update

November 28 through December 12, Pam and I will join a team from New Life Beginnings Church in Pattison Texas on our 5th ministry trip to Kenya East Africa. Pam and I are very excited and already have some indications from the Spirit that this is going to be a trip that defines our destiny over the next several years!

We are being asked to help feed the pastors, their wives and other leaders during these conventions we will be participating in. If you would like to help us with a special offering simply mark your gift Africa Pastors Convention when you write and we will put that gift toward this expense. Our ticket has already been paid for; so rest assured what you give to the Africa Pastors will go to them. And thank you all for your faithfulness in sowing monthly into Revival Now Ministries to meet the day to day needs we have!

Our radio outreach into Kenya is already producing results! God is using it to encourage and strengthen believers as well as reach sinners all across East Africa! Continue to pray for God to lead us as we prepare the broadcasts for airing on Radio East Africa.

If you have any special requests you would like Pam and I to stand with you about, please send them to us in the envelope that is enclosed in this newsletter.

Thank you again for believing in what God has called us to do!