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September 1, 2017

David Copeland · September 1, 2017
Newsletter · Volume: 17 Issue: 9

To God be ALL the Glory!

As I write this month’s newsletter we have arrived in Kilgoris after two weeks of very powerful ministry in Malava and Kitale, Kenya. The internet was so bad in Malava, we could barely post a comment just to let our families know we were ok and it was even harder to post pictures.

In the Malava School of Ministry we were blessed to see over 225 pastors and leaders from 22 different denominations attending the sessions. We were expecting more but due to the fear of violence surrounding the recent Kenya election, many were afraid to travel. Many were concerned for us as well, but in prayer we knew the Lord was sending angels ahead of us and we have seen no problems at all.

Tuesday & Wednesday, August 22 & 23, Tim Williams and I traveled to Kitale with Apostle John Sang for a two day Pastors & Leaders Conference at Revival Fire International Church.  Again, over 225 pastors and leaders from 22 different denominational groups attended the two day sessions and God did not disappoint anyone who came. Many were touched and greatly encouraged as the Word went forth with power and authority.

Simultaneously, Pam, Cheri Stowers, Sherry Linkous and Kathy Taylor remained in Malava to lead the three-day Malava Women’s Conference. By Thursday the ladies were almost walking in the clouds! Many received emotional as well as physical healing and many testified of receiving the Holy Spirit Baptism as well.  Over 300 ladies attended the Women’s Conference this year and they are already making plans for 2018.

On Thursday August 24th, Tim Williams and I were honored to speak to over 1,000 students at three different Youth Conferences that were being held around the Malava area. I have been privileged to be a part of some major youth conferences over the years of ministry, but I am sensing a hunger in students all over the world that want to go past the normal perfunctory church “stuff”…they are hungry for the Living God because they know, even at this age, He is THE answer to the problems in the world today.

Thursday we were also honored to help feed and bless 386 orphans in the village of Musungu where Bishop Elly Taliti leads the Musungu PEFA Church. He is our host Pastor here and God is using he and his wife Josephine in a powerful way in this region. Thank you to Sis. Cheri Stowers and Fire Fall International Ministries, Healing Hands International Ministries as well as the Fairlawn Church of God in Radford Virginia for blessing these orphans with gifts and food.

On Monday August 28th we began the Kilgoris School of Ministry in SW Kenya. God truly showed up in a wonderful way this week as well. The government threw a wrench in our plans and declared the opening of School to be the same day as the start of our class. Many were hindered in coming because of that, but those who attended were greatly ministered to by the Lord. We were also forced to change our venue at the last minute, but God actually provided a nicer place for us to meet.

We almost have all the paperwork completed to begin construction on the Hope Centre Children’s Home in Nyangusu and will have some pictures for you next week of all the building materials that are already on the ground in Nyangusu! We just need the government to get with the program…lol.

I am so grateful for all the friends and partners of Revival Now International who have helped us zero in on our assignment here in Kenya. In spite of the many obstacles and challenges we fight to do this kind of ministry, Pam and I are more resolute than ever to finish this assignment in the nations strong!

Your giving is helping us reach across the United States working with and believing with local churches for the next Great Awakening to come to our land. Your giving is also helping us encourage, equip and impart life into rural pastors who work in sometimes in-humane conditions. But they do so with joy and with the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Your giving will also help us reach out to our friends and church families in the Houston area that have been devastated by the flooding from Hurricane Harvey. Please keep this region of the United States in prayer as I know all of us are. When we return home we will be assessing more of what Revival Now can do to help with recovery efforts.

Your help is important in helping us to continue helping men and women of God around the world go deeper in the Word and deeper into the calling of God upon their lives. Your giving is also helping us minister to the orphans of the world people have discarded.

Your gift this week is vitally needed and greatly appreciated.

The Fire IS Falling!
David & Pam