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September 1, 2016

David Copeland · September 1, 2016
Newsletter · Volume: 16 Issue: 9

As I write this newsletter for September, we are half way through a three and one half week outreach in Kenya. God has truly poured out His Spirit in every session!

We began the ministry time in Malava, Western Kenya where we held the very first sessions of the Revival Now School of Ministry outside Kilgoris. Over 300 pastors & leaders came together from both Kenya & Uganda for teaching, equipping and of course of a fresh infilling from Holy Spirit. I was told by one of the leaders in Malava that in this School of Ministry alone were pastors who have the potential to impact almost seven million people!

I was joined in Malava by Cheri Stowers, Kathy Taylor and Sherry Linkous from the Blacksburg/Christiansburg area of SW Virginia. There was a great flow of unity with the team and all the pastors & leaders received from each of the instructors. When your heart is open to receive, God will speak amazing things into your life!

On Friday night we held a one-night revival meeting in which the power of God exploded in the place. Many received the Holy Spirit Baptism and many testified they had never been in a Spirit filled service like that! To God be all the Glory!

On Saturday morning I was scheduled to close the teaching time then move into our final prayer service. We always end each School of Ministry with a time of prayer and the laying on of hands. It’s a time in which God always blesses and encourages both the students and the instructors.

As I was taking the microphone to begin my teaching, I sensed an overwhelming sense like we should move directly into the prayer time. I’m glad I obeyed! God showed up again in dramatic fashion and every single person was touched by Holy Spirit in a mighty way. I want to thank Bishop Elly Taliti, Director of the Malava Pastors Fellowship for allowing us use of his facilities and to John Sang who helped coordinate the operation of the first Malava School of Ministry. Thanks to God the Father who has already given us a fabulous team to work with in this area of Western Kenya.

On Monday August 15, one half of the team arrived on time. The team from Alabama and Tennessee were delayed in leaving Atlanta and therefore missed their connection in Amsterdam. They didn’t arrive until very early on Tuesday morning August 16th. But they DID arrive safely and with all their luggage in tow, which is always a great thing. We all arrived in Kilgoris after a 7-hour van ride, exhausted but ready for part two of the trip.

As I write this, the Annual Kilgoris Women’s Conference is in full swing. Over 400 ladies have gathered from across Kenya to be in the Presence of God and to receive from the Word of the Lord. I want to thank Shawn Collier, Shari Ozier, Bea Kalkomey, Emily Pender & Chaney McCormack for allowing themselves to be used by the Father to bless these precious women of God. Next week we will lead the Kilgoris School of Ministry where we are expecting over 100 rural pastors and leaders to gather for another week of intense instruction.

As we look across the horizon and see world events unfold that seem to be pushing us closer to World War 3, now is NOT the time to hide in a corner or in a bunker hoping everything will turn out ok! Holy Spirit continues to speak into my heart saying, “…the time has come that everything you have ever learned about spiritual warfare be put into practice…”. Its not time to retreat, it’s time to move forward in the work He has called us to and be faithful till He says, “it’s enough!”

The harvest is definitely ripe; but the laborers are few. I am asking the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers into HIS harvest. I know the harvest was my subject in last month’s newsletter, but it is still speaking into my heart. Whatever God has spoken to you to do, now is the time to step up and obey. If God has called you to preach, preach like a dying man unto dying people. If He has called you to teach, teach with authority and confidence, believing that God will confirm His Word with signs following. If He has called you to be a leader, lead with humility, kindness and integrity, not with a dictatorial spirit. If He has called you to get involved with missions, get your passport and pack your bags!

And if He has called you to give, give with the understanding that when it leaves your hand, it is placed in His hands; and what you give to honor Him and in obedience to Him will add to your account in heaven. It will point toward the day in which He will say, “well done good and faithful servant”.

On behalf of the rural pastors and leaders God has helped us to touch this month from Kenya & Uganda I want to say thank you for your generous giving.

What we do TO the least and FOR the least, we do it unto Him.

David & Pam