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Pam’s Thanksgiving Article and Ministry Update

David Copeland · November 1, 2008
Newsletter · Volume: 8 Issue: 11

Pam’s Heart…

David asked me once again to write a small tidbit for this month’s newsletter. I was talking to our youngest daughter Missy about it and she encouraged me to simply write a few things I was thankful for.

As we enter the Thanksgiving season, I realize there are so many things I am truly thankful for. I am thankful for my daughters and my sons-in-law, and the beautiful grandchildren they have given us. I’m thankful for my parents, my sisters and brother and for all their families. I’m very thankful God has allowed me to be married to a wonderful Godly man, my husband David! I’m also thankful He has allowed us to travel and carry the Gospel literally all around the world! (That is something I do not take for granted!)

But the greatest thing I am thankful for is Jesus! The one who died on the cross for my sins and rose the third day so I could live forever! I encourage you; take some time over the next few weeks, make a list of all the things God has done for you this year; and take some time to praise Him and thank Him for all His goodness he has given all of us in 2008!

Psalms 100:4 Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, [and] into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, [and] bless his name.

And of course, I thank God for you our friends and partners! I pray the Blessings of the Lord over you and your families during the upcoming Holiday Season! We love you all and sincerely appreciate your love, your prayers and your support!


Ministry Update

October exploded with an unexpected release of anointing in both Rosenberg and Pattison Texas! We spent the first three weeks in this area of Houston Texas ministering in several churches, and saw a tremendous release in both these two cities! I shared with our partners last December that God had dropped in our hearts to begin to have regional meetings in the coming years and one of those places was the Houston Texas area.

We have made many friends in several churches over the years in the Houston area and we know God is calling us to help dig some of the ancient wells of revival that once flourished in that region. It’s not like revival isn’t already happening there now; but if you will study Pentecostal church history, the move of God that took place at Azuza Street in Los Angeles in 1906 was supposed to happen in Houston! But because of racism and denominationalism, God sent WJ Seymour, and partially blind Black Pastor to Los Angeles where he was accepted and embraced, and was used to usher in one of the 1900’s most significant events!  There are churches and ministers in the Houston area that are not about to let it happen again! And we are happy to be partnering with several churches to see a fresh move of God Spirit take place in the region.

Pam and I are preparing to return to Kenya joining a team from New Life Beginnings Church in Pattison Texas for two big conventions December 1st-17th. Week one (December 3-7) will have us ministering in Sabatia with Serve International Ministries in their annual convention; Week two finds us back in Kilgoris December 9-14 for the Sixth Annual Masai Convention. The doors in the Kilgoris area have opened very wide for us; please pray with us that God will direct us as which direction to take while we are there in planning for 2009.

For the latest news on where we are and what’s going on with Revival Now Ministries go to our website We have posted a couple of new videos for you to watch and in the coming weeks we will be hosting some live services on To access our site on Ustream go to And you can also keep up with us on our blog

Revival International is up and running and we are currently working with 10 different ministries in partnership to fulfill the Great Commission. More news on this endeavor will be coming soon.

Even though the economy had taken its toll on all of us, one thing is certain: God never runs out of money, forgiveness, healing or provision! Even in times of famine, God’s people are going to be satisfied! (Psalms 37:19) Thank you to everyone for your faithful support of Revival Now Ministries! We are doing our best to be good stewards of what you entrust us with! And because of you, people in the U.S. as well as around the world are being touch by the Power of God through this ministry!

We chose never to beg or use sob stories enticing you to give. Thank you for hearing from God and standing with us to fulfill our part of the Great Commission!

David & Pam