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October 1, 2021

David Copeland · October 1, 2021
Newsletter · Volume: 21 Issue: 10

Last year, God began to pour into my heart a teaching course for our Kenya School of Ministry titled “Training Your Spirit”. Recently I have been studying and developing a teaching on the Orphan Mindset that I believe is directly connected to our ability to both hearing the voice of God for ourselves and overcoming the orphan culture that people battle on a regular basis.

Pentecostal & Charismatic people tend to call things that oppose them a spirit. While I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that satan is the thief that steals, kills, and destroys, everything that comes against us in our lives are not demon spirits. The devil may use those things to irritate and bully us, but some things we battle in life are the result of wrong decisions we have made over the course of our lives, and of mindsets that have been created over our lifetime.

I am very grateful for my sonship! But even though I am a son of God, religion, my upbringing, generational mindsets and a host of other things all play a part in producing a culture in my own life that more resembles an orphan than a son.

From the beginning of time in the Garden, GOD always communicated with man (mankind) face to face. God formed man out of the dust of the earth, God knelt down and breathed into man the breath of life. Man has three parts: spirit, soul & body. We know from 1 Corinthians 15, this body will return to the dust from which it came, and the soul of man (mind, will & emotions) is still in the process of being saved. This leads us into a constant battle between our will and the will of God.

Then there is our spirit. It is our spirit (little “s”) that was given to us by GOD at conception; it is our spirit that was born again the moment we accepted Christ. It is our spirit that will live forever within a brand-new glorified body at the second coming. When Adam walked with GOD in the Garden, he was sinless, naked, and unashamed. Because Adam was clothed with the Glory of God, he didn’t need natural clothing. When Adam sinned and the Glory of God lifted off Adam, he then realized he was naked and began to sow fig leaves to try to make up for the Glory that used to cover him. Still to this day, men & women (myself included) still try to sew fig leaves together to cover up what God wants to cover with His Glory!

When God would communicate with Adam in the Garden it was face to face. Before the fall, Adam was perfect and sinless therefore allowing God to communicate with him face to face without any fear of judgement, torment or shame. After Adam fell, Adam’s heart was judged, the Glory of God departed from Adam, torment came and shame ruled Adam’s life. From that moment on, the flesh and the soul of man began to dominate, or have more influence over the man than his spirit did.

I am convinced it is very possible in the Garden that when God and Adam would walk in that same Garden in the cool of the day, that there was such a spiritual connection between Adam and the Father that often Gods Spirit would communicate with Adam’s spirit, possibly without saying any physical words. What a powerful fellowship that was between the Living Word and His creation!! God created man to have intimate fellowship with, every day, and in every way.

Thankfully, after Adam sinned, God came looking for Adam! “Adam, where are you? Where are you hiding?”

In the foreknowledge of God, the Father knew He would have to add to the ways in which He would communicate with mankind, but the primary way He would communicate would be Spirit to spirit. To this day, the primary way GOD desires to communicate with mankind is Spirit to spirit.

While God DOES at times speak through circumstances, He will always speak through His Word. The anchor of knowing whether GOD is speaking to us is by knowing the Word. GOD the Father will NEVER speak anything outside the perimeters of His Word. Again, the primary way GOD still desires to speak to mankind is from Spirit (Holy Spirit) to our spirit. That still small voice in our inner man that when He speaks brings peace, comfort, joy, and love to our lives.

I pray God will continue to give us the desire to grow our inner man in hearing and understanding God’s voice until our inner man is stronger than our soul. Or until we can say as Smith Wigglesworth is quoted as saying:

“I’m a thousand times bigger on the inside than I am on the outside!”

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