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October 1, 2017

David Copeland · October 1, 2017
Newsletter · Volume: 17 Issue: 10

On September 14th I celebrated my 56th Birthday. There. I said it. I now more than qualify for AARP.

But in my mind, I don’t think I am 56, I think most days I’m still in my early twenties. Until my body tells me “…not so fast big boy”. Or Pam tells me, “stop acting like you are twenty something!”

I can tell you for sure, there is a hunger in my heart for more of God than I ever had in my life. I realize, I am in a season in which I must impart what I have inside me to the next generation because I don’t want to take it to the grave when I go!

As I was praying today preparing for a service I am preaching tonight, a great weeping fell on me for the coming generation. If I am fourteen years away from being seventy years of age, I must change somethings I am currently doing so young people won’t come to come hear me preach in the coming years and stare blankly at me bored out of their mind. No, I am not even thinking about compromising the Word. And I never want to lose my passion for the Lord Jesus; but I’m not interested in ministering with passion alone. I want to have an anointed wisdom that will hook young people’s hearts so deep that they will learn from me some things they don’t have to go through in order to accomplish their assignment for the Lord Jesus.

What are YOU going to leave the coming generation?

I love the story of the day Elijah left Elisha his mantle after Elisha cried, “let a double portion of thy spirit rest upon me!”

But as New Covenant believers, I’m grateful we don’t have to settle for a double portion? We can have as many fillings of Holy Spirit power as we can stand. I don’t know about you, but I want more!

Holy Spirit will gain more access in our lives as a result of:

1.A Revelation. Not just a revelation of Jesus being our Savior; a revelation of Him being our LORD. A revelation in our spirit and not in our mind.

I have often attended meetings and conferences in which a speaker would speak a powerful revelation. It was wonderful. It was powerful. But oftentimes, it wasn’t understandable. It wasn’t liveable outside that church or coliseum. I have asked people after one of these meetings what the preacher said. Almost every single time they would tell me, “I don’t know…but it was good!”

A true revelation from heaven always draws you closer to God and will cause you to think, act and speak on a different level. It will cause your mind to explode with faith and give you a picture of what your life, your marriage, your family or your ministry is supposed to be. Most of all, a true revelation of Jesus will draw you closer to Him.

2.A revelation from the Lord Jesus will increase your faith for it to come to pass. It won’t be hype. It won’t be manipulation from a motivational speaker. Holy Spirit Himself will enlarge your heart with faith to believe what is being spoken that it is yours by faith in Jesus name!

I remember October 2009. God spoke to me very clearly to get ready, Pam and I were about to be going to Kenya, “more, and more, and more…” When Holy Spirit spoke that into my spirit, faith came with the Word. I didn’t have the money to make it happen. I didn’t know what we would be doing. I didn’t know WHY we would be going, I just knew in my spirit, this was the will of God and immediately I had faith to believe it was so.

I remember coming out of our bedroom where I had been praying and announcing to Pam, “The Lord just told me get ready, we are going to Kenya more, and more, and more.” She gave me that look that only a wife can give her glassy eyed husband that said, “how are we going to pay for it?” I told her, “In know you are thinking, how are we going to pay for it? I don’t know, all I know is God said to get ready, so we are going to get ready!”

Eight years later we have made almost thirty different trips to Kenya alone; not counting all the other countries we have been to.

3.A revelation will cause a greater hunger for God, His Word and His Presence in your life. Matthew 5:6 still says: “Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.”

How hungry are you? Have you allowed the disappointments of the past cripple your faith? Have you allowed the devil to deceive you into thinking that the Word you heard from the Lord was not really Him speaking, it was only something planted in your mind by someone else?

As long as you are happy with where you currently are, you will never move into anything else. Until you get hungry for more, what you have now is all you will ever have.

Let the fire fall!