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November 1, 2019

David Copeland · November 1, 2019
Newsletter · Volume: 19 Issue: 11

Recently I have been interceding to God with a heavy burden for the United States of America. I truly love our nation and believe the best is yet to come for many of God’s people. But for others, there is great shifting and turmoil coming. Why you ask? Some American Christians have developed a mindset that the Gospel was only written for our nation. Replacement Theology has convinced many good and sincere church people here in our country that God no longer cares about Israel and everywhere the Bible mentions Israel, He is now talking about the USA and the USA church. I had a Jewish Rabbi tell me on a trip to Israel many years ago. “The most Jewish book that has ever been written is the Old Testament. The Second most Jewish book that has ever been written is the New Testament.” That statement totally turns Replacement Theology on it’s head in my opinion.

Many in our country passionately believe that God will do nothing unless He tells the United States first. Or when He comes, He is coming through one particular denomination or people group. And when He does return, He is surely coming through Washington, DC, New York City, Dallas or Los Angeles first. And even worse, so many pick and choose what scriptures they want to believe and then wonder why God is not working powerfully in their lives. Even others want nothing more than to argue over scripture, attempting to prove they are the only true voice of God left on the earth. Why are we amazed at the John McArthur storm that has erupted over his comments on Beth Moore? The truth is, he said these things because he is convinced, he is the only true Biblical voice in America. This is more than a theological disagreement over the place of women in the church; it’s the revealing of a great pride and arrogance that needs to be repented of. (1)

Our pride will cause us great trouble if we do not repent! I have been reading the Book of Jeremiah this week in my devotion time. My heart has literally been broken and awakened on what Jeremiah suffered for declaring the true Word of the Lord. It IS the goodness of the Lord that leads us to repentance, but as much as I pray, weep, fast and cry out for a right now word from the Lord, in many churches I minister in, the pride and arrogance our nation has walked in for the last 50 plus years has infected people in our churches to the point we can’t see that we cannot continue going down the road we are traveling without MAJOR ramifications. Yes, Divine judgement could very well be around the corner of our nation. A nation that forgets God shall be turned into hell. In reality, many American Christians feel like God owes them…everything.

I too have faced the pressure to change our message because it seems to be “out of touch” with the current state of the church. But my desire to reach this generation has only increased not decreased. I do not want to get to 80 years of age and people see me coming and start running away or ducking away from me because I still think it’s 1995. This generation WANTS a genuine move of the Holy Spirit. But they can also spot a fake, a phony a mile away. They are sickened by preachers who either push people down when they pray for them or give them the slight “nudge” to fall down. They will NOT be pushed to the floor as a sign they are “falling out in the Spirit”; they are looking for and longing for the real move of the Spirit that changes lives and transforms culture.

My prayer for the last month has been this: Father give me the language of this generation that will grab their attention, keep their attention, and give them a desire to want their attention on what God has given me to say!

I certainly don’t think I am the only voice of God in our land, nor am I the only preacher of the Gospel that desires to do it right. But I refuse to sell out to the Babylonian church system that demands you do things a certain way so you can have success in their eyes. I want to hear Him say “well done. Good and faithful servant!

I am not discouraged! Not in the least; I am burdened for our nation as a whole. Earlier in October I had the opportunity to make my yearly trek to the Revision Conference in Scottsboro, Alabama with Pastors Greg and Gretchen DeVries. I am greatly encouraged by the hunger and thirst for righteousness and holiness I am seeing brewing in the coming generation. I know the true church of Jesus Christ will survive, because HE IS building HIS church.

I just don’t want Him to have to take it completely down to nothing in order to build what He has intended to build since the day of Pentecost.

Pam and I pray that you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving for all your family and friends.


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