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May 1, 2019

David Copeland · May 1, 2019
Newsletter · Volume: 19 Issue: 5

April comes from a Latin word that means “be open”. It seemed as if the entire month of April was a month of open heavens for us in Kenya. Earlier this year, the Lord spoke to me and told me He had placed before us an open door and no man could shut it. This month proved it beyond all doubt!

We began our ministry time April 8-12 with the Malava School of Ministry under the Coordination of Bishop Elly Taliti of the Musungu PEFA Church. If I have ever met a modern day, Book of Acts Barnabas, it’s Bishop Taliti. Bishop Elly, just like Barnabas, is a connector. God has anointed him to be able to bring together more than 30 plus different denominational groups from across Western Kenya that have connected with the School of Ministry and are current students in Malava. And Holy Spirit did not disappoint us at all. The hunger of people here in East Africa is contagious and it draws revelation out of you that you didn’t know you had. I want to thank Mike Joyner who also taught Transforming The Mind and Pastor Brad Morgan who taught The Authority of The Believer in both Malava & Kilgoris. Well over 500 pastors and leaders from across Kenya attended the Malava School of Ministry. Because of some problems crossing the border from both Rwanda and Uganda, our other East Africa students were not able to attend this session.

April 15-19 found us in Kilgoris for the ninth year of the School of Ministry there. Next year we are planning a huge 10th Anniversary Celebration of the School of Ministry in Kilgoris, so we are inviting all our former students and instructors to come together for a wonderful time of renewal. One hundred students came for the teaching in Kilgoris, and Holy Spirit again seemed to hover over each session. By the impartation time on Friday, the atmosphere was electric! There was a spirit of unity that just caused everything to fit and work like a well-oiled machine. And for that I say, TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!

April 22-26 was the second session of the Narok School of Ministry. There was quite a bit of spiritual warfare surrounding this meeting because we are still in the process of birthing the ministry there, but on Tuesday evening, breakthrough came. Again, by Friday the atmosphere was so thick with the Presence of God, no one wanted to leave. Pastors and leaders came from as far away as Samburu, which is about a thirteen-hour bus ride to Narok in South Central Kenya. Over one hundred pastors & leaders were registered, and many others attended the day sessions as well as the nightly revival services.

Most of Kenya has been experiencing a drought since around Christmas. Even though most of the country has not had any more than a small sprinkle in over three months, God promised us He was breaking the drought over the nation. From the time we arrived in Narok on Saturday April 20, it rained seven straight days. By Friday, there was grass growing again in Narok. If you have ever been to Narok town, you know that is a miracle. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY AGAIN!!!

I also would like to thank Mike Joyner Ministries International for donating over 350 Bibles to the ministry leaders in Kilgoris & Narok. At least 25 students in Narok had never owned a brand-new Bible; until last week. The joy and gratitude people here express on receiving a new Bible is indescribable. Even with the photos and videos we take and post to Facebook and Instagram, you have to see it to believe it. Many of these pastors & leaders will share this one Bible with the entire rural congregation they minister in; and they will feel like they have really moved up in the world!

In March, through a series of miracles, Revival Now was able to obtain our official ministry registration with the Government of Kenya. This means we are legally allowed to expand our operations even further across Kenya, providing more opportunities for rural leaders to gain access to basic Bible training in a revival atmosphere that is absolutely necessary in a society filled with superstition and unbiblical teaching. While we were previously allowed to work under another ministry’s certificate, this will allow us to explore further ministry opportunities that God is birthing in our hearts and that are being made available to us. This is the equivalent of having a non-profit corporation in the US.

Another highlight for me was the opportunity to help take part in the ordination of two different pastors while I was in Kenya. Thank you to Bishop Saul Were, Overseer of the Glorious Life Celebration Churches of Kenya for allowing the privilege of being of part of these ministers very special day, as they were officially consecrated to the Gospel Ministry.

I have just completed a new book I have entitled, “Grasping Your Assignment”. I have written this small book from Ephesians 4:7 in which Paul states: “But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ.” I write just a small portion of my own struggles to find my place in God’s grand plan for humanity. I am hoping it will be a great encouragement to people young and old who are still trying to find the place where they fit. Lord willing, we are hoping to officially launch the book during our Summer Conference in July.

Our next trip to Kenya will be the Hope Centre Vacation Bible School June 14-25, 2019. God has already assembled a fabulous team of workers for this year’s VBS. There is even room for maybe a couple of more. If you are interested in traveling with us to Kenya this Summer, send me an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Thanks again for your continued prayers and financial support.