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June 1, 2016

David Copeland · June 1, 2016
Newsletter · Volume: 16 Issue: 6

As most of you know, we are currently in the middle of a year of Jubilee in the Christian and Hebrew calendar. A year of Jubilee occurs at the end of every 49 years in the Hebrew cycle of years that marks a special extra Sabbath year with some specific blessings attached to it. As we are now at the halfway point of 2016, I have been pondering where we are in this Jubilee cycle.

Here are some of the marks of a Jubilee year:
* All debts were canceled
* Slaves were allowed to go free
* The land would return to the original family owners
* Oppression of people was commanded to stop
* People would eat the increase of the field

This is significant for us as believers in Jesus because this is not only the seventieth Jubilee since Joshua crossed into the Promised Land, this Jubilee is also the fortieth Jubilee since the death and resurrection of Jesus.

The number forty in scripture indicates a time of testing or trial; it also indicates a time of waiting, or a set period. In older times, the number forty indicated a generation. So the number forty indicates a set season; the end of one season and the beginning of another.

Psalms 103:13 “Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favor her, yea, the set time is come.”

I am convinced we are in a special set season for the people of God to draw closer to Him than we have ever been before. This is not your typical “get right with God” season, but a season in which very purposefully we set aside times to draw closer to Him, hear from Him and learn to move with Him in a greater measure.

If you will receive it, this fortieth Jubilee can be the end of a season of great testing of your life and ministry. I know Pam and I have been severely tested in many areas of our life over the last several years in ways we never imagined. I now see the markers that we are coming to the other side! For many of us, we are at the end of a season of waiting…and God is manifesting His Glory that is far exceeding what He has promised to do for our lives!

As I stated earlier this year, this will more than likely be the last Jubilee cycle I will live to see. I do not want to let this special season of grace and mercy pass me by without extracting out of it and receiving everything I will need in this next season in God.

I am also sensing in my spirit this fortieth Jubilee since the death and resurrection of Jesus is signaling an end of some dispensational thinking and the beginning of a time for Kingdom thinkers to be promoted.

All across the SE United States I am receiving reports of many churches and ministers coming together holding crusades and joint revival services, crying out to God for people to be saved and for our nation to awaken to Jesus Christ. People are coming together around the cross of Jesus and the power of His resurrection, NOT an ecumenical compromised gospel that is void of Jesus and what He accomplished at the cross. A major outpouring has exploded in some West Virginia schools that have ushered in hundreds of students as well as adults into the Kingdom of God.

It will never be a season like this again in our lifetime. Don’t waste another moment playing games with Jesus! Embrace His grace and mercy with repentance. Surrender to the calling God placed on your life many years ago. Move forward with Him!

Let’s step together into the a great outpouring of Kingdom living and understanding that will lift Jesus higher…

And draw us closer.

Mark your calendars for the 2016 Revival Now Summer Conference!

2016 Revival Now Summer Conference
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Special music, praise & worship by Jeb & Lori Jennings & Regeneration, special guests from Kenya, time of personal ministry as well as a detailed update of our international activities.

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