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July 1, 2016

David Copeland · July 1, 2016
Newsletter · Volume: 16 Issue: 7

Mark your calendars for the 2016 Revival Now Summer Conference!

2016 Revival Now Summer Conference
@Evangel Temple
Lanett Alabama
July 15-17, 2016

Praise & worship by Jeb & Lori Jennings & Regeneration, special music from Nicole Watts Jenkins, special guests from Kenya, time of personal ministry as well as a detailed update of our international activities.

For hotel information, contact us at 706.773.1546 or send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Thank you to all our friends who helped make our June 2016 Outreach to Kenya & Tanzania a huge success!

On June 9th we traveled across the border of Kenya into northern Tanzania to the village of Esoit Sambu. While this village may be in a very remote location along the Kenya/Tanzania border, Holy Spirit knows exactly where they are located! Friday – Sunday the fire of God’s Spirit fell on everyone with well over 150 people giving their lives to Jesus and many more being filled with the Holy Spirit. At the close on Sunday we had a fire tunnel (prayer line) where we anointed and prayed for each and every person in the meeting, and many more were filled with Holy Spirit fire. Thank you to every person who gave to help with some of the expenses of this meeting.

On Monday June 13 we traveled back to Nairobi to receive the team from Alabama & Georgia that came to lead a special VBS for the Noah’s Boat Children’s Home in Nyangusu, north of Kilgoris. This was the first time since we linked up with this Children’s Home we have been able to devote an entire trip to ministering to just the kids. It was definitely a week orchestrated by the Father.

Special thanks to Angie Stone, Beth McDonald, Katherine Latino, Logan Ragan, Lynn Clark and Mallory Riffle for allowing God to use them in a tremendous way. We were able to use the newly purchased two acres of land in Nyangusu to hold the VBS. The days were spent with a teaching time, prayer time, worship time and playtime. We taught them to play American Kickball and I think the adults had as much fun as the young people did. There were several times the adults got a little intense…lol

On Friday the rains came and we had to cancel the game time, but Holy Spirit touched everyone under the tent in a dramatic way. For almost two hours in the pouring rain we prayed and worshiped, the spirit of prophecy came for many and we all left knowing God had accomplished His will for the day.

We ended the meetings on Saturday by holding our First Field Day at Kilgoris KAG Church. Bishop Jackson Mongaine and the church members cooked lunch for everyone while the students competed in the Sack Race, Three-legged Race and Tug of War. The Americans lost the Tug of War Battle to the Kenyans 2 to 1. Once again, I think the adults had as much if not more fun than the children.

In the afternoon the winners of the competition were announced and the day closed with another time of Praise & Worship and a time of ministry from the Word.

August 10-13 we will travel back to Kenya to open our first satellite campus of the Revival Now School of Ministry in Malava Western Kenya. Bishop Elly Taliti is our host pastor for this first School of Ministry in Malava. We will then travel back to Kilgoris for the 2016 Kilgoris Women’s Conference August 17-20. Then August 22-26 we will lead the next Session of the Revival Now School of Ministry in Kilgoris. The August outreach will conclude with the first graduation of the Trans Africa Christian College, a university level program RNI has been a part of planting in the last two years.

All of these activities take a tremendous amount of finances to pull off. As most of you know, we have chosen to remain an independent missions and outreach organization, not because we are mavericks or rebels trying to make our own name; we have chosen to remain independent because God has called us to work to build bridges between the denominations and church groups in rural areas of the world to build God’s Kingdom and not just one particular subgroup.

David Wilkerson taught me many years ago to never beg and manipulate people for money. His advice has proven to be golden. God will definitely speak to people and when He speaks to people and they obey…

His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus supply every need.

Thank you again to everyone who is walking with us on this amazing journey!

For more information on how you can be a part of Revival Now International, either with the Children’s Home, Schools of Ministry’s around the world, or the day to day operating needs of the ministry, contact us at:

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