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January 1, 2024

David Copeland · January 12, 2024
Newsletter · Volume: 24 Issue: 1

We completed our final Kenya ministry time for 2023 when we returned home on December 19th after three-plus weeks of ministry. While I obeyed the doctor’s (and Pam’s) orders not to preach or teach this trip, I am grateful I could still be an eyewitness of God doing some tremendous things in conjunction with our Kenya Schools of Ministry.

December 1-3, we were honored to take part in our Second Revival Now Kenya Conference, which was held this year at Empurkel Revival Now Church, west of Kilgoris Town. Missionary Tim Williams preached for me on Saturday for the Ordination service, and Pastor Jack Chancey preached the closing service on Sunday. The rains fell during the ordination time, but it did not deter the candidates from being touched by the Holy Spirit, receiving a fresh anointing to walk out their assignments.

The closing service on Sunday was explosive as the Holy Spirit once again hovered over the congregation, and many lives were touched as we ended this year’s conference.

Kilgoris Update

Our Kilgoris School of Ministry saw Tim Williams, Jack & Kaye Chancey teaching, and Pastor Isaac Abule leading the degree class during this session. Over 120 pastors and leaders from all across Kenya, some from Nairobi, and several students as far away as Mombassa (on the coast of Kenya) attending. They did not leave disappointed!

One testimony from Kilgoris: For the last three and one-half years, we have had a blind student attend every session. While we didn’t have any materials written in braille, he listened intently, helped with each course exam, and scored 100% on each test. But, the miracle we see before our eyes is when he first came to us; he had to be led by the hand and couldn’t even go to the bathroom alone. Now, he is walking most of the time without a stick or any assistance, and his eyesight is being restored little by little. Of course, we pray for him each class session, and God is receiving the glory for this miracle of healing we are seeing take place.

On Friday, December 8th, we saw 28 students receive a Diploma in Biblical Studies, 53 students receive a Certificate in Biblical Studies, and one pastor receive his Bachelor of Theology degree from the Evangel Christian University of America.

Narok Update

In Narok School of Ministry, 118 were registered in attendance. Once again, our team taught under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, and by Thursday afternoon’s impartation time, the atmosphere was pregnant with expectation. And a Holy Ghost bomb went off!

On Friday, December 15th, we held our First Graduation of the Narok School of Ministry. Since August 2018, we had to overcome much spiritual warfare, financial attacks, COVID-19, and cancer surgeries with Tim Williams and me. But we persevered. The students persevered. God blessed the day with 19 Certificates of Biblical Studies and 59 Diplomas in Biblical Studies being awarded.

We closed the ministry time in Kenya by helping to dedicate the new Revival Fire Ministry Headquarters in Nakuru, Kenya. Bishop John and Naomi Sang are graduates of Revival Now School of Ministry. Bishop John received his Bachelor’s in Theology from Evangel Christian University. of America, our US partner institution headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana.

There are more things that took place, but we will bring them to you in another letter later on.

Partners, I want you to know that the seed you sow into Revival Now International is not being wasted, and it is NOT in vain. We are in a time in our own country in which many people absolutely hate international outreaches. And in doing so, they hate the Great Commission. Yes, I said it. But these men and women of God we are touching with basic Bible Training is giving them the tools they need to walk out their assignment. We have now graduated 1,360 pastors and leaders across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda. This Sunday, they will impact between 65,000 & 70,000 people across East Africa with the Gospel. That is a conservative number. And 80% are in the rural areas of the East Africa Block. That’s the most significant point I want you to take away from what we are doing there.

We really need your help with these upcoming schools in 2024 to make them successful. You can give online at or you can send a check to:

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Thank you for consistently supporting our outreaches to the nations!