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January 1, 2023

David Copeland · January 1, 2023
Newsletter · Volume: 23 Issue: 1

It’s hard to believe that here we are again, at the beginning of another New Year. Every year brings its blessings and its challenges. I always enjoy saying at this time of the year, God loves us so much that He willingly gives a December 31st every 12 months! What an awesome God we serve.

Pam and I want to thank all the pastors who opened their pulpits to us in 2022, and those pastors who invited us to preach by Zoom or by video; either way it was an opportunity to spread the Gospel of Jesus. We have had numerous opportunities in 2022 to preach via Zoom to Pakistan, other parts of Asia, and the United States. Our last Zoom opportunity saw almost 500 people come to Jesus. We have been able to preach in over 180 nations in 2022 by means of technology that we would never have been able to preach in by physically traveling there! To God be all the Glory!

There are so many channels that Revival Now is currently using to spread the Gospel, here are just a few of the ways Revival Now is reaching the nations:

1.Revival Campaigns & Sunday Services in the United States. This continues to be the major focus of our outreach: believing and working with local churches around our country bringing people to Christ, to a fresh encounter with Jesus and preparing churches for a Great Awakening in their area.

2.Revival Now Schools of Ministry. This has been a tremendous source of joy for me. We so enjoy seeing pastors & leaders gather from across East Africa to sit for hours at a time for an entire week to receive and learn from our teaching team that travels with us at different times of the year to Kenya for our Schools of Ministry. Our School of Ministry instructors continue to include myself, Mike Joyner, Tim Williams, Bishop Jesus Guererro, Cheri Stowers, & many others. These are super gifted pastors, ministers and leaders in the Kingdom that travel with us regularly, and we are grateful for God bringing them to our team!

3.Hope Centre Children’s Home. What a joy these children have been to Revival Now. I can tell you, Pam turns into a Mama Bear over the children of Hope Centre! The opportunity God gave us to be a small part of these children’s lives is indescribable. They have blessed our immediate family and have become family to our Annual VBS team that travels each June to spend their vacation time singing, teaching, dancing with, loving on and playing with these children who became orphans by no fault of their own. This year was our first VBS since the pandemic hit, and God tremendously blessed.

4.Revival Now Online School of Ministry. This is a new outreach which began in 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have over 100 students registered with us from across Kenya as well as across the United States. We are believing God to help us expand with more courses and training offerings in the coming months.

5.International Travel. Our international travel schedule has finally resumed in full force as countries have opened up for international visitors. We have been appointed as the Director of Foreign Affairs with AEGA Ministries (the fellowship I’m ordained with) and we have already planned a trip to Ghana, West Africa in October of 2022. We believe more doors are opening in other nations to expand the reach of AEGA and Revival Now in the coming months. Our online presence continues to grow and begins with our website. features our monthly newsletters, a large assortment of audio & video teachings to bless people with, our blog, and a complete schedule of where Pam & I will be in the upcoming days. also hosts our online giving platform where you can give securely your love gift each month. Please stop by and visit us at

7.Social Media. Our online presence continues with both our personal as well as our ministry Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook Live, and our Podcast “Revival Now with David Copeland” that is hosted on every major podcast hosting site. Our YouTube Channel hosts our Revival Now TV online stream that is touching people all around the world.

8.Revival Now Ministry Network. We are honored to be able to provide oversight, encouragement and covering to churches and ministries across the United States through the Revival Now Ministry Network. We continue to help ministers receive credentials through AEGA Ministries, Monroe, Louisiana, and are leading the USA version of the Revival Now Schools of Ministry in several locations around Alabama, a weekend to teach & train local leaders for influence in the local church. If there has ever been an hour to help encourage leaders, it’s today!

All we are involved in is all a part of the assignment God has given us for this season of time. I am not bragging about we are doing, but I fell we need to share more of what we do around the world from time to time to help you see, the seed you are sowing into Revival Now is accomplishing many things that I pray will bring great blessing to people now, and great reward to our partners on the Day of Judgment. It has been said, what you make happen for others, God will make happen for you!

Thank you again for helping us fulfill our part of the Great Commission!