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January 1, 2020

David Copeland · January 1, 2020
Newsletter · Volume: 20 Issue: 10

Our ministry time in Kenya in December began in the village of Khaunga in Western Kenya where I ministered for the Glorious Life Celebration Church Annual Conference under the direction of Bishop Saul Were. The church was packed both days I ministered and the Presence of God packed the place as well. We have already been invited back for the 2020 December Conference.

The Malava School of Ministry was full from the very first session! Over 600 pastors and leaders attended the sessions from Monday through Thursday when we held our impartation service. That day we prayed for well over 800 people.

One of the highlights of the Malava School of Ministry has been a group of churches that began attending who were worshipping demons and ancestral spirits. Yes, you heard it right: they WERE worshipping demons and ancestral spirits. A couple of years ago, the director of several of these type of churches stood in the middle of one of the teaching sessions and confessed that he realized they were worshipping wrong; he renounced the worship of demons and ancestral spirits, confessed Jesus as King of Kings and Lord of Lords!. I vividly remember the place went crazy. At the graduation on Friday December 6th, he once again stood in front of over 1500 people and repeated what he said two years earlier. The place went crazy again! If this is the only reason we were sent to Malava, it’s worth it.

The Malava Graduation was held on Friday December 6th with over 1500 people in attendance. 101 students received their Diplomas of Basic Biblical Studies and the Presence of God blessed everyone who attended. The students along with the Kenya Boy Scout Band marched 5 kilometers from Malava town to Musungu PEFA Church where we hold classes. They did that because they wanted to advertise the School. A local TV Station in Kakamega covered the festivities and gave us a good, positive interview. Thank you to Bishop Elly Taliti, Bishop Saul Were and the entire organizing committee for their hard work in mobilizing pastors & leaders from the region to get involved in the School of Ministry.

December 9-13, Revival Now Sponsored the Kilgoris School of Ministry with over 100 pastors and leaders present. The reason the attendance is so different in Malava than in Kilgoris is Western Kenya is much more heavily populated than Transmara is. Pastors Patrick & Carolyne Wanjala are completing their first full year as new coordinators in Kilgoris as our National Directors John & Eunice Olempurkoi have moved to Narok town to pastor and to birth the Narok School of Ministry. They are doing a wonderful job in mobilizing Transmara and we saw many new students attend this session.
December 14th saw the 8th Graduation of the Kilgoris School of Ministry, alongside the second graduating class of Trans Africa Christian College (a partner institution of Evangel Christian University, Monroe, Louisiana). 26 students from Revival Now & 11 students from Trans Africa took part in the Kilgoris graduation exercise. April 2020 will mark the 10th Anniversary of the Kilgoris School of Ministry. What began as a simple outreach to the Masaai in Transmara in SW Kenya has now become a Ministry & Leadership School that is training pastors and leaders from many of the 42 tribes in Kenya that represents over 50 different denominational groups in 4 of the 5 nations in the East Africa Block. Pam and I never would have believed we would still be doing this and having this kind of an impact ten years later. This is truly the hand of God because I am definitely not smart enough to mobilize and administrate this work.

Pam and I also want to thank Mike Joyner Ministries International & Bibles For Africa (Robert Lauderdale) for donating Bibles this year. On this trip alone, over 1200 Bibles were distributed through Kenya, thanks to their wonderful partners. Contrary to popular thinking, one ministry alone can’t do everything that needs to be done in an area. But working together with other believers and ministries enlarges all of our territory; or better, the territory of the Kingdom of God.

We need your help. 2020 is already shaping up to be even greater in magnitude and opportunity than all the previous years combined. We have invitations from across Kenya to begin several other Ministry Schools that we are praying about as well. We have so many pastors begging us to come and minister for them across Kenya we can’t fill every request in the short time we usually stay in the country. Pam and I know God is calling us to devote more time to the nations and the cry for revival, renewal and a Great Awakening keeps calling our name.

Would you consider partnering with us in 2020 as we expand our reach across East Africa and into other nations of the world? We need to spend more time in the nations next year because we know God has called us to touch people in the regions beyond where we are currently going. We do not have the security of a local church paying our salary while we travel. We totally depend on God to supply our personal needs at home as well as the needs to sponsor Schools of Ministry, crusades, revival, youth & women’s conferences and to complete the building of Hope Centre Children’s Home. More churches across the USA are asking for our ministry, but many of them cannot afford to even host a guest speaker for one day, much less for a series of meetings. Your regular gift of any amount will help us step further into the international mandate on Revival Now International for this hour.

Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support.!
David & Pam
Revival Now International
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