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January 1, 2019

David Copeland · January 1, 2019
Newsletter · Volume: 19 Issue: 1

Happy New Year!

A New Year, a new beginning, new opportunities to draw closer to God. While I am grateful for all God has done for us in 2018 and the years past, there is more I need Him to do IN ME so He can do more THROUGH ME. Almost everywhere I turn I am seeing, reading and hearing from people (mainly leaders) how cognizant they are of the need for change; in themselves first, then their families and their ministries.

In September while driving to a weekend meeting in Tennessee, I was sincerely seeking the Lord about what He wanted to do in me and the messages He wanted me to emphasis in the coming year, when almost instantly in my inner man I heard the words, “I want to give you a new identity…”.

While that greatly encouraged me, it has also set me on a journey to find out from Him what that means. In recent years I have come to a greater understanding of sonship. I’m glad my relationship with Him is not based on what I can do for Him it’s what He’s already accomplished through the Cross. 

As I began seeking this out and looking at the number 19 in Scripture, I found some very powerful things I am convinced God wants to do in my life in this new year as well as in the greater Body of Christ.

The number 19 in Scripture comes from two Hebrew words: yod (which is also the number ten) and teth (which is the number nine). Ten is the number of covenant, nine is the number of a new birth, or the number of visitation.

The 19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the KOF which literally means “the back of the head”, or the back of the mind.  The word picture describes us hearing God’s voice in the back of the head; which is confirmed in Scripture in Isaiah 30:21

Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying,
“This is the way, walk in it,”
Whenever you turn to the right hand
Or whenever you turn to the left.    NKJV

The number 19 in Scripture is also the number for faith & hearing. It’s significant that the number is in two parts; the first part shows God reaching down to man by speaking to Him; the second pictures man responding to God by faith.

I can safely say 2019 will be a year of new faith and new hearing! “Well, Copeland, our entire lives as believers are supposed to be based on faith & hearing…” Yes, that is true. But in this new season, the change we are looking for, the change many of us are crying out for, will not, CAN NOT be based on the same level of faith we have operated in for years. This change many are crying out for, yearning for will come as a result of us responding to God’s voice as He speaks to us to come up higher!

Romans 10:17 is another of those often-misquoted verses in the Bible. I have been guilty as well of misquoting it. Ever since I came into the Spirit filled movement, I have heard people quote Romans 10:17 to read, “faith comes by hearing the Word of God”. While there is some truth to that, my faith is always built and increased as I hear and read the Word. But Look at this verse again:

So, then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (emphasis mine)

Faith & hearing are two different and distinct things! Faith comes by hearing first….then hearing comes by the Word. What you are hearing (and what you have been hearing) is directly connected to how high your faith is at any given moment. You can only believe God (have faith for) the things He has spoken to your life and made real to your spirit. So, the question to begin this new year is, “what are you hearing?” What are you listening to? WHO are you listening to? If who you are following and who you are listening to is not building and increasing your faith, you need to turn the channel. Change the frequency! Remove them from having influence in your life and thinking. Disciplines create habits, and habits will create your future.

God IS speaking. He is calling us closer to Him. Not in order to simply add more religion to religion. He is calling us to continue to tighten our inner circle, continue to further develop and strengthen our relationship with Holy Spirit; continue to allow Him to remind us of the prophetic words that have been spoken over our lives, make those real to us again which will cause faith to increase for the manifestation of those promises.

Because the Glory of the Lord is coming!

Happy New Year,
David & Pam