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January 1, 2018

David Copeland · December 1, 2017
Newsletter · Volume: 18 Issue: 1

A couple of months ago I began writing about the distinguishing marks of the poverty mindset. While this list is still not complete and I have not completely eliminated each one from my life, I am determined to overcome in every area of my life. As you continue reading this, ask Holy Spirit to reveal to you any of these characteristics that may be at work hindering your forward progress in His Kingdom.

10.A poverty mindset will make you mean and vindictive and can cause you to operate with a spirit of accusation toward people who have achieved increase in their lives.
Someone with a poverty mindset will make you angry toward people who only want to help you and see the best for you who are attempting to come alongside and bring truth & victory to your life.

11.People with a poverty mindset will carry a heavy spirit of rejection in their lives.
They cling to rejection like a badge of honor (this is a major problem in prophetic community).

Yet often times God uses rejection to deal with heart issues that are keeping you from promotion. We see this in the life of Elijah in 1 Kings 19. When he finally arrived at Mt. Horeb God made it very clear to him He had 7,000 people that had not fallen into Baal worship.

Are you being rejected because you have obeyed the Word of the Lord for your life? Or are you being rejected because you are rebellious or full of pride?

Or, are you being rejected because God wants to use this rejection to check your heart and your motives?

12.The poverty mindset is directly connected to a critical spirit and offended spirit.

13.Fear, Self hatred, unusual guilt, condemnation and shame are also deeply rooted in a poverty mindset.

14.The poverty mindset clothes itself with what looks like humility, but it’s really pride in disguise. I think of King Saul who, when he was about to anointed king of Israel, was found hiding among the “stuff”. This story looks like a real example of humility. But when you watch the later events in Saul’s life, you will see that Saul was actually full of pride from the very beginning.

It’s very hard for us to receive from someone if we feel like we know more than they do, if you’ve lived for God longer; or if you feel like you are on a higher spiritual plane than others.

The poverty mindset will not allow you to recognize or embrace the gift from God in others and will hinder you from humbling yourself in order to receive from their anointing.

The anointing doesn’t flow up…nor side to side…anointing flows down. True humility will allow you to humble yourself in order to receive from every true Christ follower! A poverty mindset won’t!

15.A poverty mindset will pressure you to become jealous when you see others you deem less qualified being used by The Lord in an area that you feel more qualified.

16.The poverty mindset will cause you to become jealous over the promotion others receive…that you feel you deserve more than they do. When you see others promoted are you genuinely happy? Or are you secretly ticked off because God promoted, opened doors and blessed them and not you?

17.Some who operate with a poverty mindset have no motivation to clean up themselves or their surroundings. Again, poverty is not a spirit; it’s a mindset that can be broken and eradicated from our lives!

18. It’s the poverty mindset that keeps the religious territorial spirit in power in a region. It will hinder or stop revival from coming to an area. Some pastors as well as church leaders will only embrace a fresh move of the Spirit in a region if it takes place at their church or brings honor or fame to their ministry. A poverty mindset will keep pastors from working with each other and keep them competing against one another.

Again, this list is not exhaustive, but the Lord keeps adding to this list as I become more open to His dealing on this subject. May God help us to destroy every form of the poverty mindset out of our thinking in 2018!