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January 1, 2017

David Copeland · January 1, 2017
Newsletter · Volume: 17 Issue: 1

On August 5, 2001, Pam and I embarked on a journey that has been absolutely amazing. It hasn’t always been easy. At times it has been wonderful. We have also quit several times over the last fifteen years, only to say “…just kidding God”.

Almost every week I am asked by people how to get started either in missions or in evangelism. The answers are not always that simple to give. We have also had dozens of people in the last fifteen years travel with us on trips who expressed to us a call to the nations; only to return home and we never hear from them again. Many think a burden for ministry is a call. It’s amazing how easy you can get free from a “burden”. But you cannot escape the call!

One of the travesties of our generation is that people think each person’s calling should look and demonstrate the same. Many think if you are called to ministry, it has to be the pastorate. Or you must plant a church. Traveling ministry, associate ministries and helps ministries all tend to be looked upon as a second tier position in the Body of Christ. It took many years for me to understand that each person’s calling and assignment will look different, sound different and function differently. Going forward into this next season we will not be allowed by the Lord to “cookie-cut” ministers and ministries. Each person has a gift and each gift has a place. And when you find your place, there will be a grace that flows into your life that will bring great satisfaction & fulfillment to you and help you complete your assignment for this new season.

Sadly, many are not willing to give up a lifestyle they have grown accustomed to in order to birth the dream or destiny that God put in their hearts. Your dream and destiny CAN be from God, but YOU must be willing to sacrifice the time, energy, friends (and money) to see it happen.

In order for us to step into the fullness of our assignment, there is a cross we must nail ourselves to. God will call you somewhere or to a specific work, and that work will consume you, require time and energy from you and not allow you to participate in activities others get to take part in…all for the purpose of refining your desires and your motives in order to complete the call.

All humanity will one day stand before the Living God and give an account to Him for our works. What will you answer Him when He asks you the reason why you didn’t step into the calling and assignment He had for your life?

2016 Ministry Update

Our December 2016 Kenya outreach was again the greatest trip to date. God seemed to put the icing on the cake for the entire year in December. I want to personally thank each minister who took part in the Team Ministry this year with Revival Now International. Your teaching/preaching gift greatly impacted leaders around East Africa and the impartation you left is still being felt on their lives and ministries.

In December, we had the honor of ministering in the KAG Youth Conference in Kilgoris; the Malava School of Ministry saw almost 300 pastors & leaders gather for the second session of the training; the Kilgoris School of Ministry had over 100 in attendance. On Saturday December 17th we saw almost 80 students receive either a Certificate of Completion for RNSOM or a Diploma or Bachelors Degree of Biblical Studies from Trans Africa Christian College/Evangel Christian University of America.

Your giving in 2016 helped us touch the lives of almost 35,000 pastors & leaders across East Africa, the Caribbean and the United States. Your giving helped us travel around the United States seeing churches revived and renewed by the Power of the Holy Spirit. Countless people committed their lives to Jesus Christ and were filled with the Holy Spirit all because you gave to Revival Now International.

As we enter 2017, I strongly believe this will be a year of great completion and great victories for our lives! Not only will addictions and chains be broken in this coming year, God will help many find the place of His Grace for their lives.

Pam and I love you all dearly and thank you for being a part of this magnificent journey God has us on.

Happy New Year!

David & Pam

January Schedule

January 7,8 United Christians House of Prayer
Sat, Sun AM Austin, Texas
          Bishop Jesse & Sandra Guererro                  

January 13-15       Unity Gospel Tabernacle
Fri-Sun       Graysville, Tennessee
          Pastors Douglas & Candice Graham

January 22 Harvest Family Church
Sun Am       Cypress, Texas
          Pastors Paul & Brooke Capehart

January 27,29       New Life Beginnings Church
Fri, Sun       Pattison, Texas
          Pastors Brad & Ann Marie Morgan