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December 1, 2018

David Copeland · December 1, 2018
Newsletter · Volume: 18 Issue: 12

As I write this month’s newsletter, I am sitting in a one of the sessions of the December Malava School of Ministry being blessed by the teaching of the Word. I am amazed at how God always enables us to bring teachers and preachers who flow in and out of each other’s lessons without planning to do so. Thank you to Mike Joyner and Robert Lauderdale for joining me do this last Kenya Outreach for 2018.

As we prepare to enter a brand-New Year, God has been speaking to me for several weeks on the emphasis for us in the coming year. In January I will begin sharing what I sense God is speaking to me about the year 2019.

But this month I want to continue to give thanks to our Father in Heaven for sending Jesus to be born in the flesh, live a life not as God but as a man filled with the Holy Spirit. This season seems to bring the out the best in people. God in heaven knows there are a lot of people who need some sweetness in their lives…

I want to thank all the pastors who opened their pulpits to us across the United States in 2018. We have seen many saved, many testified of healing, many filled with Holy Spirit, and many testifying of being refilled with Holy Spirit power.

I want to thank every teacher and preacher who accompanied us on ministry trips around the world this year. God has surrounded us with some of the finest men and women of God who travel with us to other countries, that are making a powerful impact on other nations.

I also want to thank our God for allowing us to see what we are seeing across East Africa.

In 2018, over 2,000 ministers, pastors & leaders from well over 40 different denominational groups took part in the Revival Now Schools of Ministry across Kenya as well as the different conferences we were a part of. Not only were there pastors from across Kenya, we also had leaders attend from Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Out of the six hundred plus leaders who have already completed the Kenya Schools of Ministry, these ministers alone are impacting over fifty thousand people each Sunday across East Africa. When we factor in the close to six hundred pastors who are currently affiliated with the Kenya Schools of Ministry, that number goes way up.

To God Be All The Glory!.

I also want to thank each church, ministry and individual who have given toward Phase 1 of The Hope Centre Children’s Home project in Nyangusu/Kilgoris. This year we completed and dedicated the first dormitory and bathhouse, built the new kitchen, and moved the first 28 children into their new home all by August of this year. Phase 2, the second dormitory and bathhouse will hopefully be started by March of 2019.

All of this plus much more has been accomplished without any one denomination funding what we are doing. Revival Now International is a trans-denominational ministry that was created with the hope of bringing people together to experience renewal and prayerfully, prepare us for a Great Awakening. All we have seen happen has been accomplished with the help of individuals and medium to small churches simply doing what Holy Spirit tells them to do.

Over the last seventeen- and one-half years, we estimate Pam and I have flown, driven and walked (yes, we walked some too) approximately 1.1 million miles carrying the Gospel to the nations. That’s not much compared to some ministries, but for us, that astounding. We are believing that 2019 will be a year of open doors into some new areas here both in the United States and many other countries of the world. Currently there are ten countries crying out for us to come to their nation and help them.

As we close out 2018, many people take this time to sow special offerings to ministries in order to help those ministries finish the year strong. Revival Now International would love to be considered in your end of the year giving plans. We promise to be good stewards of what is placed on our hands, and use it to touch rural pastors, orphans and widows around the world; and churches that are crying out for renewal here at home.

Thank you for believing in and supporting Revival Now’s call to the nations.

Pam and I wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.