Year of Realization

David Copeland January 2, 2006 5:45 pm

2006 will again be a great year for the Body of Christ! As I have prayed over the New Year and what we should expect both individually as well as corporately, the word I keep hearing is realization. Psalms 6 shows us David was in another dilemma in which it seemed his cries were not being heard by God (haven't we all thought that!).

Then all of a sudden in verse eight, David changes his tone as he declares: "Depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity; for the LORD hath heard the voice of my weeping."
David realized several things:

1. David realized in vs. 1-7 he was in a mess and if God didn't come though, he was going under for the last time! According to some scholars, the mess was over Absalom's rebellion. It seems the stress of it all had caused some kind of sickness to attack David's body. We must realize if we never had a mess we would never have a message of God's delivering power! Don't curse your mess: look for God's message of deliverance that is coming to you in the New Year!

2. Secondly, David realized God really had heard his prayers after all. Remember in school when you were taking a test, the teacher wanted absolute silence? He or she refused to answer questions until the test was over! (Just ponder that a while!) If you are in the middle of a test, when it's over the Teacher will let you know how you did!

3. Thirdly David realized he was a child of covenant. The number of verses in Psalm 6 is ten, the number of covenant. May God help us realize we are children of the New Covenant Jesus shed His blood for! It's not by our righteousness or our good works; it's because of His Blood He shed for all mankind on Calvary!

May God help us all realize the tests we are in cannot last forever; satan cannot attack forever; and the Covenant we have with Jehovah God is greater than any circumstance we will ever face! That Covenant will last forever!

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Thanks to everyone who remembered us during this past year as well as during the Christmas season. Your prayers and your giving continue helping us to fulfill the mandate God has given us to touch the nations of the world with the Gospel! Because of you, it's working!

David and Pam