Why Do People Do Revival?

David Copeland October 4, 2006 6:16 pm

Why Do People Do Revival?

I have a program from my blog page that enables me to see different ways people have ended up finding Revival Journal. One of the Google queries was "why do people do revival?"

That was a real thought provoking question! So I began to ask myself (and God) why do we do revival? Why do I want God to use me in the greatest outpouring of the Holy Ghost since the day of Pentecost? Why do we want a fresh wind of His Spirit to cover the earth?

1. First and foremost, I believe it is a desire that is in response to Scripture. Especially scriptural prophecies concerning the last days. While many people spend millions of hours and dollars and time researching, studying, analyzing and predicting who the anti-christ is and when the end of the world will take place, we have forgotten one of the precursors of the coming of the Lord is found in Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17 "It shall come to pass in the last days, I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh…"

This is not simply a move for the Pentecostals or Baptist, or what ever label you want to go by: scripture is clear it is for all flesh!

2. Secondly, someone has to be willing to be the kindling. God is a God of suddenlies! Suddenly on the day of Pentecost…suddenly in Acts 16 Paul and Silas were freed from prison, suddenly people were healed when Jesus touched them…suddenly Jesus will come in a moment in the twinkling of an eye….

Every time the church gathers together, it is an opportunity for a suddenly to take place! Tonight, the Holy Ghost could suddenly fall! This Sunday morning, suddenly, the Presence of The Holy God could walk in your church and totally transform you, your church, and your pastor that ministry and everyone associated with it! But if we are not meeting together, the potential for that suddenly to take place dramatically decreases.

Yes, God can and does sometimes just soveriegnly move. But if we are going to stay true to the Word, God always seems to find a person or a group of people to move through! If He can't find a person, then He will use an animal; next comes the rocks' crying out praises to Him!

3. Thirdly, revival is a bringing back from the dead! Jesus Christ did not come to this earth to start another religion! He did not die on the cross and arise from the dead just so I could have a job! He came to restore, revive and renew mankind's relationship with the Creator of the universe!

Not every church has a revival DNA. Not every church is called to be a "relevant church". Not every church will be a traditional church and every church is not going to be contemporary in its style. But every church and every ministry is important! I do agree with what Mark Batterson says in that we need more "right-brained preaching" in our churches! God wants to give us a greater creativity to reach the world with His Divine Love! What my heart cries out to see is that people will not judge me because I am a revivalist: don't judge those who are of the "relevant" camp: stop the bickering over hymns and Chorus' and simply respect each others calling and anointing and just move forward into the destiny God has called you too!

I'm not saying we shouldn't stand and speak out against false teaching! As far as I can tell, no one is doing it 100% correct, I don't care how they spin it! I'm not in this to argue doctrine. I have purposed to make sure, as much as I can, to line my life and ministry up with the Word of God, not the doctrines or the opinions of man.

Paul gave the Corinthian church the answer when he stated everyone is not a hand or an eye or the foot…. each one has its part to play: so just do your part!

Lastly, I want to do revival because revival is fun!

Real religious folks won't like that!