What’s Happening?

David Copeland September 12, 2005 3:22 pm

Every day since Hurricane Katrina hit people have been asking, "is this the judgment of God or what?"

In my opinion (after much prayer), I see that in all reality, God lifted His hand of protection on our nation to allow this storm to hit. Both Christians and non-Christians alike have been affected by this storm. People in every corner of our nation has been affected.

Jesus tells us it rains on the just and the unjust; and He makes the sun to shine on the just and the unjust.

I believe in the Rapture of the Church! But over the last sixty years an "escapist mentality" has developed in the American church; a mentality that says "because we have sent missionaries…because we are the greatest nation in the world…because we have the best technology can offer…God will not allow us to go through a tragedy…God owes us…God will not allow anything bad to happen to us…the rapture of the Church will take place before I begin to feel any discomfort!" Tell that to the church in China. Tell that to the Amerindian pastor in Guyana. Tell the church in Haiti or Kenya. They will tell you instead through every hard time and every difficult circumstance and trial, God has always been faithful!

Friends, righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is still a reproach to any people! 2 Chronicles 7:12-15 is not a command to a nation, it is a commandment for the people of God! "If my people, which are called by my name…" We cannot expect a nation to embrace and live for God when most Christians don't have time for God.

I also believe in the prosperity of God! God IS a God of mercy and grace and mercy triumphs over judgment! But when God has blessed a people…when He has given a nation an unusual prosperity…when God has called a people to have an unusual authority in the world, that people also has a responsibility to walk differently that everyone else and use their prosperity to touch the felt needs of the people around them.

I'm not saying we should sell everything we have or give everything away! But I am disturbed at the churches I go to that are sitting with thousands of dollars in the bank (some hundreds of thousands) and refuse to help pay people's light bills…they refuse to be mentors to young people…they refuse to take care of the widows in thier churches…they refuse to give to missions, all because they are hoarding God's money!

I'm not talking about churches who are reaching out to the poor, or to those people who constantly give sacrificially; friends, God has given us what He has given because He wants us to not only bless our families (which we should), but to bless others as well.

The President, because of his position and place of authority cannot go certain places…he has to watch everything he says…he has to watch what he wears…simply because of his position and authority!

This storm was allowed by God to be a wakeup call and a stirring for the church to get out of our four walls and BE the church! Use our God-given authority and prosperity to minister to the needs of mankind! It's not about us, our ministry, our denomination, it's not about me getting a touch…God has touched us so much, now it is time for us to use all that He has touched us with to touch humanity!

I'm greatful for all I have seen take place and the people who have responded to our relief efforts for the victims of Hurricane Katrina and other efforts that have taken place all over the country. The response has been outstanding! I'm just sad it took this catastrophic event to wake some of us up.

It's not the perfect will of God to have to allow a calamity to take place to wake us up. Psalms 94:12 states "Blessed is the man whom You correct and instruct out of Your law;" If we would only take heed to what the Spirit is saying, we won't have to face anything like this again.

God give us ears to hear and a heart to understand!