What Constitutes a Genuine Revival?

David Copeland May 7, 2005 3:48 pm

I have preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over twenty-six years now and all this time there is a mind set in people and churches that revival is nothing more than a week of meetings designed to get people saved. While I am on this earth to be a channel the Holy Spirit can use to lead people to Christ, I submit to you a genuine revival will not only see people saved but also the following:

1. Genuine Revival will be marked by a strong call to repentance for the church.
No pastor, no preacher, no church, no denomination is doing it 100% right…last time I read Romans Paul said all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. I know many people, preachers and movements who are absolutely convinced they are the only voice of God left on planet earth. When this happens you become cultish and an obstacle to the Holy Spirit bringing people to a fresh relationship to Jesus. Repentance of all sin…even in the life of the believer will come as a precursor to revival.

2.A genuine hunger in people to get closer to God will be evidenced in a real revival. Not an attempt to keep another list of rules and regulations; but a new desire to please God not only on Sunday but also in your every day lifestyle…the places you go… things you say…how you live everyday.

3. Genuine revival will also bring a new compassion and love for all people groups. I have been in churches all across the U.S. and when someone of a different race came in the door, people couldn't worship for watching those people. Jesus is not a white man's God: He is king of Kings and Lord of Lords for all of humanity! Genuine revival will destroy the two hindrances that are blocking the church in this hour: racism and gender bias!

God, please send a real revival to America!