Weekly Stuff…

David Copeland June 20, 2006 4:18 pm

Last week was a week from you know where:)

It all ended with a service cancellation on Sunday, so Pam and I decided to take two days and go to the North Georgia Mountains for some prayer and rest. And this will totally shock everyone who knows me: I didn't even feel guilty for doing it!

It was just what The Master ordered…great prayer time and study…time with my bride of twenty-six years, and some time to listen to what God is saying about me! I spend so much time listening for God to speak to me about others and churches and their situations, I forget He wants to zero in on some things in my life also!

I'm glad His mercies endure forever!

I have some major posts coming hopefully this week on the Open Heaven, as well as a new podcast you can download dealing with this subject.

It's time to press in like never before!