Wednesday Thoughts From Kenya

David Copeland December 11, 2013 1:54 pm

Once again our crazy schedule here has not allowed us to blog or write like I want to, but here is a short recap of the trip so far.

On Friday December 6 we had the honor of taking part in a spring dedication that had been rehabilitated by Love International Ministries and Bishop Charles Henderson.  A concrete slab was poured and piping inserted into the hillside that is capturing and releasing fresh drinking water for the people in the village south of Kisii. According to the Kenya Water Authority, the spring in producing several million gallons of fresh water per day. We also had the honor of preaching an outdoor crusade in the market where over 20 people gave their lives to Jesus.

Friday morning we also took over 600 pounds of corn, rice, beans and other food items to the Nyesero Orphanage in Kisii. Sis. Esther told us she had gathered the children the night before and told them they were completely out of food, and if they were going to die, they would die together. I’m glad we didn’t wait any longer! Thank you to Restoration House Church in Opelika Alabama for your support of the orphanage!

On Saturday we conducted a marriage conference at the Kilgoris Assembly of God Church. 23 couples took part in the event…but I missed Pam helping me do the teaching!

On Sunday December 8 I had the privilege of hiking almost two miles down a very muddy road, across two swampy fields to a small church out in the bush for the dedication of their new facility. I couldn’t help but think about all the preachers who can’t preach unless there are staying at the Hilton and driven to the meeting in a limo; then kept in the green room and escorted in and out without touching people and allowing people to touch them…sorry, I’m venting. Several people gave their lives to Jesus because we were willing to hike through the mud and the swamp to preach the Gospel.

Our Pastors Training has just been outstanding. Almost 100 registered and many more in attendance as Bishop Henderson teaches on Leadership and I am teaching on Bible Covenants. Over 80 of these pastors are boarding with us (which means they have come from a great distance just to be in the meetings).

On Saturday we will be giving certificates to 43 students, some who have completed Level One, others who have completed both Level One & Two.

Thank you again to all of our Revival Now Ministries’ friends and partners. There have been so many great developments while we have been here in Kenya that my head is literally spinning. None of this would be possible with our friends praying for us and sowing into our part of the Great Commission.

Because of the interdenominational focus of our ministry we do not receive funding from any major denomination. Thank you for everything you have given to Revival Now in 2013. And thank you for standing with us during the Holiday Season.