We Must Stop The Craziness!

David Copeland September 10, 2019 9:28 pm

The Pentecostal/Charismatic stream of Christianity must begin to do a better job at policing ourselves of unscrupulous practices in the pulpit, mishandling the Word of God and manipulating people for money. We have allowed crazy stuff to go on for too long, and now God is exposing our unwillingness to deal with the flesh that has masqueraded as the Holy Spirit, gifting and anointing…and it’s been nothing but flesh and witchcraft.

I am not trying to get legalistic here, but I’m telling you if we don’t deal with each other in truth and WITH truth, God will do it…He will use the world to do it…and it will not be pretty…. it’s time truth seekers stand up and speak the truth in love, because if we won’t, God will expose even more than we want Him to….

Here’s where we start:

STOP looking for some bizarre unheard of “revelation” to preach. While I am grateful for the spirit of wisdom and revelation Paul prayed over the Ephesian church (Eph. 1:17,18) Stop reading into the scripture what you want it to say. Ask the writer of the Book (Holy Spirit) to reveal TRUTH. Established truth that will set people free, not just draw them into your partnership circle and make you sound like an “anointed” teacher.

STOP taking more time to receive the offering than you do preaching & teaching the word. Just stop it in Jesus name! All you are doing is showing your lack of trust in the provision of God.

STOP pushing people down when you pray for them. STOP giving gentle “nudges” to signal to people it’s time to fall down. There will always be people who need that signal to tell them to fall down. If Holy Spirit overwhelms them and they fall out that’s one thing; but pushing or giving them the “push” is another. Just stop it!

God help us get our house in order so you don’t have to.