Wal-Mart Ministry

David Copeland June 2, 2006 6:29 pm

So much has happened over the last six months (for the good) it almost makes my brain hurt!

Much of this week has been spent catching up on stuff let go of being on the road for many weeks at a time; paying bills, oil changes, car maintenance, and running into friends at the Wal-Mart!

Several months ago I posted about 2006 being the year for the Backsliders to come home. Everywhere we have been since January 1st we have seen backsliders in the altar crying out to God in repentance!

Today I ran into a dear friend of mine and Pam's at the Walmart. She told me the story of how the husband she had faithfully and dilligently prayed for for twenty years to get saved, Resurrection Day walked the aisle and made Jesus the Lord of his life and the very next Sunday was Baptised in water! To God Be The Glory!

All she could say over and over was, "David, I'm glad I didn't give up…"

She said she knew it was the real thing because the very next Sunday, he started tithing without anyone talking to him about it! My pastor always told me you can tell how saved a man is by the way he deals with money!

I said that to say this: don't quit praying your friends and loved ones and even your enemies to get right with God! Someone prayed for you and didn't quit until you crossed the line of faith: you must not quit either!

In every service we have been in, there are people who really want to serve God, but either don't know how, are afraid to try, or maybe have not had enough intercession to bring the necessary conviction to move them to Christ. Let's labor in prayer believing it is God's will for all mankind to have a genuine encounter with the living God!

Someone did it for you: it's time for you to sow the seed of prayer someone else sowed into you!

This is the year for the Backslider to come home!

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