Vision From March, 2002

David Copeland November 13, 2006 3:01 pm

In March 2002 I had a vision during a Worship service I was ministering at in Katy Texas that I have never posted, but sense a release to do so now.

First of all, I am not one that is given to having visions often; I do have dreams all the time that I know are prophetic in nature that God is speaking to me about.

In this vision, I saw wells being dug all over the Houston, Texas area. The word that kept coming to me was these wells were being put in strategic locations. These wells were connected together by a golden pipeline. In the middle of the pipelines between the wells was a valve that stuck out of the ground.

The well I was standing around was empty. Someone then went to the valve that connected the well I was standing around to another well, he opened the valve and began to draw water out of that well to fill our well up. When it was full, he turned the valve off and came back and stood beside our well.

What thrilled me was the people that were standing around the well in which we were drawing water out of didn't get upset; instead, they started dancing and rejoicing around their well because they realized they not only had enough water for themselves, they also had enough for their brothers and sisters! Then the vision ended.

The Holy Spirit then said to me, " I not only want to do this here (Houston), I also want to do this where you live and everywhere you go! I am going to begin to connect churches, ministers and ministries together with such a supernatural connection across denominational lines, across city lines, county lines, state lines, even international boundaries; to create such a saturation of my Glory that no community anywhere will ever be able to say I've never tasted of Living Water!"

I have spoken about this in several places as I have felt the release of the Spirit to do so over the last four years. I now feel strongly it is time for us (or at least myself and whoever this bears witness with) to pursue this with a vengeance!

This vision changed my life, our family's ministry as well as how we look at what God has called us to do and be!

Houston Texas was to be the recipient of the outpouring that took place at Azuza Street! But because of racial prejudice as well as religious spirits, WJ Seymour moved to Los Angeles where the rest is history! But God's Spirit is moving again and will move again! It not just Joel Osteen God has chosen to use in and out of the Houston area! God is raising up churches and ministries all over that area that are currently flying under the radar, to dig the wells of revival that God intended to be dug over 100 years ago! And it will cause a saturation of His Glory to begin to move all across the earth!

But I'm also glad it will not only be Houston that is to receive an outpouring of the Holy Ghost! It will happen where ever people are willing to be supernaturally connected both to each other and to other ministers and ministries who have one purpose: to see the Glory of the Lord cover the earth as the waters cover the sea!

Keep digging for the Wells of Living Water!