Twelve Steps To Prominent Preacher Status

David Copeland January 21, 2008 9:35 pm

Chazaq left a comment to a post over at JC Smith's American Pentecost I simply had to borrow….err… link to…

Twelve Step Program to growth and prominent preacher status…
1. Stop talking about sin.
2. Stop talking about hell.
3. Don't mention repentance.
4. Grow some slick hair.
5. Write a book about prosperity.
6. Write a book about being the best you can be.
7. Never be seen in public helping the needy or preaching the Gospel to the homeless.
8. Wear a three piece suit when you preach.
9. Trade your Dickies, Doc Martins and Levis in for Dockers and Armani.
10. Focus on numbers.
11. Stop worrying about the hard truths and souls.
12. Remember, if it takes a circus to get them in the door – it will take a more outrageous circus week after week to get them to stay.
I have been pondering a question the Holy Spirit asked me one night on the way to a revival service that I pose to all of us: "Have people become so entertainment driven that the preaching of the Gospel has become nothing more than another form of entertainment?

Your thoughts?