Tuesday Thoughts December 17, 2013

David Copeland December 17, 2013 1:49 pm

Tuesday Thoughts December 17 2013

We finally arrived home last night around 10:30pm Eastern Time after traveling for 48 straight hours. Needless to say we were tired but very fulfilled.

Our final Kenya trip for 2013 ended with forty-three pastors and leaders receiving certificates of completion at the Maasai Vocational Training in Kilgoris Kenya last Saturday December 14.

In every session last week the Holy Spirit seemed to hover over the meetings until on Friday the place almost exploded with the Power of God. An anointing for intercession fell from the beginning Friday morning with many interceding for their places and ministry, loved ones and other needs in the region. By then end of the day the anointing was so strong we spent the last three hours (skipping the tea break) in prayer for each other and for the future of the Pastors Training.

Thank you to Bishop Charles Henderson who taught again on Leadership 101 and to Austin Lacombe for helping out in various areas during the week. Austin ministered a powerful word from Mark 2 on Whatever It Takes Sunday morning as we completed our ministry time.

In 2014 Revival Now will be working with Evangel Christian University of America to formulate a degree program for SW Kenya. We will be continuing our Vocational Level teachings in Kilgoris (which offer a certificate of completion but no degree), and hopefully expanding into at least one other city in 2014. We are also looking at the possibility of installing virtual classroom technology that will allow us to teach from one location and satellite the live class into several other cities at the same time.

It’s hard to explain the drawing that hunger and thirst for God’s Word produces in our meetings in other countries. While many preachers and teachers have a gift to draw people into their message, some thing different happens when there is a hunger and thirst for the Word of God in people’s lives you are speaking to. It draws the anointing out of you and enables the Holy Spirit to supply more needs in just a few minutes that would take a lifetime of ministry to produce.

Ministry by the Holy Spirit still supplies the needs of all mankind. Jesus did it. And His way will still work in the coming New Year.

Thanks again to all our friends and partners of Revival Now Ministries. We cannot do what we do without the Holy Spirit first and foremost…and we cannot do what we do without friends like you.

Time now for shopping with my girlfriend!