Tuesday Thoughts

David Copeland January 23, 2007 10:56 pm

God is so good!

Tonight I ministered to several people who were having severe back pain…several reports of healing (me being one of them!) I have been suffering off and on with unusual back problems since Christmas Day; but God supernaturally touched me tonight during worship time! I cannot explain to you the pain I felt even when I walked in church, but now it is gone! Praise the Lord!!!

God spoke to me this afternoon to pray for people who have been diagnosed bipolar; one girl was dramatically touch by God before I even laid hands on her! To God Be All The Glory again!!!

But my heart still is not satisfied; because I know there were some who went home disappointed; but don't lose heart; we are coming into a season in which we will not have to wait long for our answers to prayers for healing!

Recently there was a report given by a group of Charismatic leaders one the issue of Islam and how to reach them at the Ministry Report Blog; it's going to happen through signs and wonders! Father God, bring the Body of Christ to the place where we need to be where healings don't happen every once and a while, but they are regular occurrences every time we meet!
Also, a note of apology to anyone who has left a comment and it hasn't appeared; something is going crazy with our spam filter…just repost again if you don't see it and hopefully it will all work out!