Time To Get Serious!

David Copeland May 25, 2006 8:44 pm

Surfing around the blogosphere this morning I ran across several blogs complaining about mega churches.

With the potential for terrorism constantly at our door, with so many people needing to hear the Gospel, it's still amazing to me people have so much to criticize what others are doing for the Gospel!

I realize I will never pastor a mega-church…in fact, I hope I never pastor ever again!

In fact, Ministry Today has an excellent article on Mega Churches and Smaller Churches that shows the need for both. There is animosity between both camps. The small churches don't trust big churches; many big churches feel like small churches are missing the mark and out of touch with the move of God.

It's the same way with Evangelists. Some feel if you are not completely outreach oriented, you are not a real evangelist. Some revivalists feel their anointing and what they are doing is the only true mark of an evangelist! Evangelism is the winning or revival of commitments to Christ.

It's not either or; it's both!

If we believe Jesus can come at any moment…or the world could be cast into a catastrophic World War, (which is what Islam really wants)(please click this link) don't you think it is time to get as many as we can into the Kingdom of God?

My prayer is that Jesus' prayer in John 17 will hurry to fulfillment…make them one…(John 17:21)