Thursday Thoughts August 15, 2013

David Copeland August 15, 2013 2:33 pm

Two days ago I was scheduled to fly to Kenya to take part in a crusade and conference in Lodwar Northern Kenya. On Tuesday August 6, the Nairobi airport caught on fire and forced the cancellation of almost three days worth of international flights into Kenya, thus causing my departure to be delayed until tomorrow (Friday August 16). The crusade we are sponsoring is continuing without us and already 20 people have given their lives to Jesus! This is credited to the account of all the partners of Revival Now Ministries!

I was reading today in Rick Renner’s Daily Devotional Sparkling Gems. His writing came from 1 Corinthians 4:1 “Let a man so account of us, as of the ministers of Christ, and stewards of the mysteries of God.”  This passage has completely wrecked my heart!

The word minister as it is used here depicts the lowest form of criminals there were in that day. These “death row” types of criminals were usually assigned to be the oarsmen on the king’s ships. They were chained to the oars in the bottom of the boats, chained to several other men and then chained to the bench on which they sat. From all indications they were also chained to each other while they slept.

This chaining caused them to have to work together for a common purpose. But it also offered the opportunity for them to be rewarded together if and when that ever happened. Again, it forced them to work together. In their case, even if they didn’t want to.

As I read this illustration I literally began to weep. I know without a shadow of a doubt I am called to touch the nations of the world with the message of repentance, restoration and revival. But I am not called to do it alone. I am thankful that God has called Pam to walk along side me in this work.

But WE are not alone in this calling either. He has called many of you to become “chained” to us. Some of you are “chained” to us by Facebook. Every day, almost everywhere I go someone will say to me, “Bro. David, we are following you on Facebook…we are excited to see what God is doing with you and Pam!”

Others are chained to us in prayer. God has laid us on your hearts to pray for us…to intercede and hold our hands up before God. Some of you are praying for us day and night. We are chained together in prayer. We are very thankful for your prayers.

Churches are becoming “chained” to us by allowing us to come share our story and the message of revival and renewal with congregations all over the US. We are “chained” together with command of the Great Commission.

And still others are “chained” to us financially. God has spoken to many of you to sow of your resources into RNM to help us go places you will never be able to travel to. To ALL OF YOU we are so grateful and appreciative. I am not trying to be fake or mushy. I am just totally overwhelmed with the knowledge I am not called to do this alone!

The thrilling thing I can write to you is to tell you because you have allowed the Lord Jesus to “chain” your hearts to us either in prayer, fellowship or finances, any rewards that will be handed out on the day of judgment to David & Pam Copeland and Revival Now Ministries, will also be handed out to you.

We cannot do what we do without you. We don’t have to do it alone. As they say in Kenya, “we are together!”

Thank you for your giving. Thank you for your monthly support as well as those of you who gave an extra seed to cover the costs of this Kenya outreach. Your giving is helping us sponsor the Lodwar Crusade and Conference, the Maasai Vocational Pastors & Leaders Training as well as two different Women’s Conferences.

Anything good that is accomplished during these next two weeks (or the remainder of my life on earth), you will get a blessing from it on the day of judgment. It will not just be a day of judging; it will also be a day of reward for those who are “chained together” for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

For the sake of the call.