The Spirit of Absalom

David Copeland January 10, 2007 11:48 am

Years ago, some Bible scholars told me you can look into the Psalms that correlates with the year number in which we live and find a prophetic word, or see some things God wants to do for His people in that particular year.

While we know God always wants to move for His people and bring His people to a new level in Him, our challenge is to become like the men "…of Issachar, who were men that understood the times and knew what Israel ought to do…" (1 Chro. 12:32)

If that is so (and I believe there is some validity to it) what is God saying to us for this year? While there are many "words" from the Lord, I absolutely know this is not the only word from the Lord…this is simply what God is speaking to David Copeland! This is my "part" of what I hear God saying to me.

Psalms 3-7 were all Psalms David wrote when he was on the run from his son Absalom. I do not have time to do a complete exegesis of all these Psalms, but I am convinced that since 2003, God has been giving the Body of Christ opportunity to deal with all Absalom's we have created in our lives!

Just some quick characteristics of Absalom: Absalom was the 3rd born son of David/he was born to a woman named Macaah (2Sam 3:3) a lady whom David married during the time he was running from Saul. Macaah was a Syrian woman (Geshur) and basically became a relationship born out of burn-out, frustration, fear, anxiety and hurt. It's interesting that Macaah's name in Hebrew means "oppression"

So Absalom was a legitimate son of an illegitimate relationship; illegitimate because everyone knew David was next in line to be King of Israel, and he should have been marrying someone of priestly or at least Israeli decent.

Out of this relationship came a man who would become a deceiver, a manipulator, a conspirator, and a man so insecure, he would build a monument to his own name in Jerusalem because he never had a son to carry on his name. (All this is located in 2 Sam 3-18) While David was in the Tabernacle stealing the heart of God, Absalom was at the city gates stealing the hearts of the men of Israel.

What does this mean for us? All of us have created relationships, connections, ministries, and even whole denominations out of fear, insecurity, burn-out, anger and running from the devil! And sometimes running from God! At least, I know I have! Some people are much more spiritual than I am though!

This is the hour in which God is calling us to deal with and let go of every Absalom we have created, no matter how good, how wonderful or even how precious they are to us! And if we refuse to deal with them, God will send a Joab to us to kill our Absalom! And when Joab came to attack Absalom, he showed no mercy!

I say we let go of everything. I didn't say anything, I said everything! Only you and God can determine what an Absalom in your life is! But I can honestly say, if we refuse to move forward in this, we will never be able to get to that true place of dominion God has called us to! And that Absalom we are trying so hard to protect could ultimately be our downfall.

The spirit of Absalom is nothing more than Jezebel in disguise.