The Drawing of the Holy Ghost

David Copeland November 13, 2006 12:06 am

Some really weird stuff has happened…the post I made on Saturday morning just went bye bye into cyberspace…oh well…technology is not perfect!

Friday night we were in Moulton Alabama for a Friday Night Fight service at New Life Assembly with Pastor Shane Smith which was awesome! God's Spirit is moving all over the country. He is moving due to a tremendous hunger in the hearts of His people, as well as the fact that God is giving us an open heaven!
Tonight's service in Samson at New Life Worship Center was again off the hook! There is such a drawing of the Spirit in the services. Again, there is not a lot of shouting and dancing that is so familiar in Pentecostal churches (which I like of course!), but every service has been characterized by a spirit of brokenness, which in my opinion is greatly needed in the American church! I would rather humble myself under God's Spirit, than to have Him humble me!

Many have said to me over the last 15 or so years that it seems the conviction of the Holy Spirit is not as strong as it used to be. We have all heard stories of the conviction falling, people running to the altar in repentance (which has happened to me many times).

But it dawned on me tonight if we say that then Malachi 3:6 is not true any more; it says "I am the Lord I change not…" The problem is not with the conviction of the Holy Ghost: the problem is that we have sat under anointed preaching, teaching and gifts of the Spirit calling us to get closer to Him and basically blew Him off! Thinking it was a call for others and not for all of us!

He is calling us to repent for our pride and arrogance in thinking we don't need to move closer to God! Father help us realize sometimes you deal with us with fire and wind…but most of the time it's a gentle tug of the heart strings, a gentle wooing calling us to come closer!

May we all heed His call for closer intimacy!