Thanks David Russell

David Copeland February 22, 2006 8:53 am

I want to thank my second son-in-law David Russell from for the nice comments on his blog, and welcome all the readers from his side of the blogosphere!

A parent with two beautiful daughters prays constantly that God will send the right man into her life. God did this twice for Pam and I! I am very proud of all our kids and how they are allowing God to use them in these last days. Our other children, Megan and Eric are in transition during this time and are about to move into a new area of ministry locally in Lanett, Alabama.

David and Missy are leaving today for their new assigment in Washington, DC. They are going to serve at National Community Church with Pastor Mark Batterson. Be sure and chech both their websites out when you can!

Thanks David for all your help! And take care of Missy for me!