Testimony of Healing of Bipolar Disease

David Copeland January 27, 2009 2:49 pm

Weekend services in Pattison Texas were tremendous! God is setting us up for the next Great Awakening…in spite of the doom and gloom you hear on the TV news channels! I know finances are tight and many people have lost their jobs; over 20,000 in the last 24 hours alone! But when we have come to the end of our ability to make anything happen for ourselves, God is always at work with a plan B!

We received this email from a young lady that was healed 3 years ago in a service in Tarboro, North Carolina. And she is STILL healed:

Hey…..I just wanted to tell you that today…Jan 23 makes 3 years since I was healed from bipolar and tommorrow Jan 24 will be 3 years free from all medications (at least a 1000g a day)…..I give him all the glory!!!!…In may I am graduating from with a degree in respiratory therapy that I want to use in a clinic on the mission field…(with all the meds I was on I failed out of school because I couldnt focus)…Also in a couple of days I am applying to Mt Zion School of Ministry somewhere I never thought I would or could be….When God heals he dont just half heal…He heals for real!!!….And you know people think God has to have a person to lay their hands on you for you to receive a healing….Remember David no one laid their hands on me……As you were telling the prayer burden God told you for a person with bipolar…..God laid HIS hands on me…..That proves it!!!!…..God is big enough to do it all by HIMSELF!!!!….I will never forget that day!…..There is not many days that go by that I dont testify to someone about it…..People would be surprized what nurses,doctors, preachers etc (people with high standard) tell me in confidence that they have or still struggle with everyday (suicide, overdose, drugs, abuse, etc)…God is always faithful to give me the words to say!!!!…I am just so thankfull for what he has done in me!!!!!….Love ya!!!!–Susan

I'm so glad God is still healing people today!