Spiritual Boredom, Frustration and Revival

David Copeland March 27, 2008 11:03 am

One of the biggest problems the church faces in this hour is spiritual boredom and frustration. I realize there has been at least two generations raised on technology and an entertainment mindset. I absolutely believe we must seize every ounce of technology available to us to use for the Gospel! But at the same time, a mindset has been created in old and young alike that subconsciously says "I'll visit with you only if you entertain me; but don't expect me to stay too long…I need to be entertained…and if you can't hold my attention, I'll go somewhere they can! So we become bored. Bored with the church. Bored with prayer. Bored with God.

Then as boredom gains a greater foothold in our lives, spiritual frustration sets in! Frustration comes as a result of our boredom and our spiritual ADD/ADHD. And we gravitate to the next spectacular form of entertainment.

Friends, believers were never created for a program, an institution, or a weekly pew warming ceremony! Christians were never made to be satisfied by a three point outline (forgive me Lord for preaching three points) that contains just enough kick to get us over the hump of life.

The human heart was made for passion! It was created for relationship. Relationship with THE LIVING GOD! (forgive me for shouting!)

It was designed to experience and to live in the fullness of God!
Viva Revival!