Some Friday Fire Thoughts

David Copeland February 4, 2011 3:53 pm

Some Friday Fire thoughts…

Thanks to everyone who have signed up for our Friday Fire Video Emails. They seem to be a blessing at least to a few people.

I am grateful God is surrounding us with a few people who are techno-savvy. It helps do ministry in this culture better.

Pam and I had some ministry business out of town yesterday and decided to take another day to get away, pray, seek the Lord and spend time with each other. Especially since I will be ministering on our anniversary again this year. 31 years of doing life with my best friend. I can honestly say we love each other more than when we first began!

The situation in Egypt is allowing Islam to flex their muscles. They are getting bolder and braver in their moves and their rhetoric. When will America Christians quit worrying about being politically correct and walk out the truth. The reason people do not believe us is we talk one way and live another. Yes, I AM repenting.

My devotion this week has taken me into Exodus. Exodus 4:17 And you shall take this rod in your hands, with which you shall do the signs. Islam believes their word (Koran). When are we going to really believe The Bible is the real Word of God? I have a determination in my heart to believe every word in the WORD! I am just ashamed I allowed religion to talk me out of some Truth God was teaching me 25 years ago simply because I had a need to be accepted. No, I am not being critical. Yes, I am repenting again. Oh Father, deliver us from the entertainment mindset.

If the rod symbolizes the Word of God and the place of the prophetic word in our lives (and it does) God help us become people of the rod (not to beat people up with it) so the signs will follow!

Something unusual is happening across Alabama. It is also happening in several areas of Texas. Everyone know my heart to see the Awakening come to these two states! I have several reports of revival breaking out in different places in these states. Father, let it be more than just excitement, bring the awakening! May we bear down and bring forth the Move of God. The earth is crying out in birth pains!!!!!!!

I know there are other states and cities in which God is moving. Every Spirit filled church has a book full of prophetic words on how God is going to use them in the end time revival.

If ten churches in one city have the same prophetic promise, who is right? All of them are right! Revival, renewal and an awakening are not for one particular church or denomination to make them famous.

I hate to offend my pastor buddies, but not one single church in a city will win the entire city. It takes more than one water well to satisfy the drinking needs of any particular city. That's why we have different churches with the same promise. Again, revival, renewal and an awakening do not happen to make you famous, it comes to meet the needs of God's people, build HIS KINGDOM, and to answer the cries of His people.

You can know you have a Kingdom mindset by the way you respond to the move of God happening in someone else's church or ministry. We all need to chew on that.

Let the fire fall!