David Copeland July 11, 2012 4:37 pm

One day this week after reading the Word, I was straightening up our room in the hotel we were saying preparing to spend some time in prayer when out of now where I felt a tremendous shift in the Spirit. I might have been meditating on Scripture I have read, but there was no profound anointing that I felt at the time.

But something definitely shifted!

I have sensed shiftings in the Spirit many times over my years of living for Jesus. A spiritual shift is not simply a decision to do something different or to change your mindset; a spiritual shift may not always come as a result of a decision. A shift in the Spirit is something birthed by the Holy Spirit and it awakens faith inside each believer that will receive it!

A shift from the Holy Spirit acts much like a cold front does that passes through in the fall of the year. As the haze, smog and humidity of the summer months hangs heavy in the atmosphere, a fall cold front passing through will clear the atmosphere, reduce the humidity and change the way everything looks in the natural.

When a shift takes place in the Holy Spirit it will clear the spiritual atmosphere of your life of the haze, smog and fog that has been hindering your ability of seeing clearly. Even though we still will only see in part, it’s very refreshing to be able to see spiritually more clearly; especially after a hard season of persevering though spiritual haze and fog. Focus takes place.

When a shift takes place it brings great encouragement into your life. When the shift comes, it like a ton of bricks have lifted off you. Joy and peace flow like a river.

When a shift takes place it also brings a sifting of people, places, things, activities and ministries that are no longer needed in your life. Some people and certain functions of ministry you will do until Jesus calls you home.

There are some people that will move in and out of your life at certain seasons as you need them or they need you. You will be able to go months, even years without speaking; then when you do speak or see each other again, it’s just like you just saw them yesterday.

Then there are some people, places, and activities that are only seasonal. Sometimes to go to a new level of faith and victory, God has to transition people and activities out of your life. The things I did when I was in my 20’s no long excite me. Some of the people I used to run with either no longer sharpen me, or I no longer can sharpen them. One of the most tragic mistakes I have made in my life is I’ve tried to make seasonal people, permanent fixtures.

That produces lots of drama.

Most of all a Holy Spirit ordained shift brings good change in your life. Acceleration comes. Your perception becomes sharper. Your understanding will be clearer.

And freedom will reign in you heart…AND your mind.

Best of all, I have found that a shift will bring a mindset change. Our minds are more of an enemy at times than satan is.

As a man thinks in his heart so is he. Everything you will ever say begins in the heart. Your words reveal your attitude, it creates the atmosphere you will walk in and it will determine who remains in your life and who exits your life.

Holy Spirit, bring on the shift! And let me always be willing to change for the better!