School of Evangelism

David Copeland June 18, 2006 9:41 pm

What a week! A tremendous week of warfare, but some great victories in spite of all the failures!

On Saturday we had the opportunity to conduct a School of Evangelism for the Assemblies of God in East Alabama at Church of the Harvest in Opelika, Alabama. Over 40 people from five different local churches (as well as churches coming from 4 hours away) took part in sessions dealing with Soul Winning Made Simple, Cults and Evangelism, Resourses for Evangelism, Strategies For Evangelism, and Evangelists and Pastors Relationships.

All who attended were greatly encouraged as well as encouraging to us. I want to thank the following Evangelists for their participation:

Glen and Mary-Beth Badonsky-Cults and Evangelism, Resourses for Evangelism

John Love-Soul Winning Made Simple

Donald Young-Evangelists and Pastors Relationships.

Each of these men are very well qualified to lead revival meetings, conduct workshops/classes or do pulpit supply. Each participant was so excited about the material being presented, they want us to do it again with longer class sessions! Anytime Christian people want to learn more, it's very exciting to say the least!

We are very open to conducting Schools of Evangelism in other areas. For information of the School of Evangelism, or contact info on any other these fine anointed evangelists, write me at or you can call me at 706-773-1546.

The day of the Evangelist is back!