School of Evangelism

David Copeland January 27, 2007 6:52 am

We have the privilege of helping to conduct a School of Evangelism today (Saturday) at First Assembly of God in Ashland, Alabama. Pastor Keith Jones has taken a country church and God has empowered him to transform it into a ministry that community cannot live without! When God places us in a church to pastor, He not only puts us there to reach and pastor those people within that congregation, He also calls us to pastor the city! In fact one of the great men of God of old stated "…the whole world is my parish!"

I was watching a news report the other night on the new movie Nancy Pelosi's daughter has made named "Friends of God". It made me angry to a point yes! But at the same time, it made me excited: because the church of Jesus Christ has NEVER fulfilled her destiny during times of prosperity and ease; but for some crazy reason, when persecution comes, the church is empowered and mobilized to both reach out in evangelism and tell the truth about who we are and where we are going; and to stand for the truth: there really is only one way to eternal life: through the shed Blood of Jesus Christ our Savior! Confessing He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Let them make all the movies they want bashing us, making fun of our worship and our exuberance! It's a funny thing to me: people get excited about a piece of a pig's behind that is full of hot air, and nobody thinks anything of it! But let someone get excited about Jesus and "bounce up and down" a little too much, and all of a sudden you are a militant christian!

I'm not militant, I'm in love!