Revival Update

David Copeland June 8, 2006 9:15 am

We have just completed five days of revival in Wytheville, Virginia at Liberty Hill P.H. Church. Pastor Bobby Lewis and congregation are some of the sweetest people you will ever meet and there is a tremendous hunger for the Word and for a demonstration of the Holy Spirit!

On Monday, it came into my heart to secretly pray for the Lord the begin to give us an open heaven. The service was tremendous to say the least! After the Altar call in which we interceeded for Backsliders to return, the Lord began to show a brother there was a big whole over the church with baby angels going up and coming down!

I believe God is saying to us, He is giving us a season of an open heaven! The babies represent this event is in the infant stage and we must patiently allow the Lord to mature us so we can continue to enjoy the results of an open heaven!

I will be posting more about the open heaven in the days coming. I believe this is a Word for the Body of Christ for the months of June, July and August! Let's continue to seek the Lord, no matter where you are, that He will continue this open heaven until all our loved one's know Him!