Revival Update

David Copeland March 25, 2008 3:52 pm

Revival will continue through Friday night at Beauregard Revival Center in Opelika, Alabama!

The Spirit of God has literally come in wave after wave of intensity…young and old alike have been seeking the face of God! Sunday morning the urge to seek the Lord began to come on people so strong I didn't even get to finish my message, when people simply began to get up and come to the altar…way before the altar call was given!

Thank God the conviction of the Holy Spirit is still at work!

Please pray for us! We don't want to miss anything God has for us in this hour!

Also, pray for our overseas outreaches! Pam and I both sense God is wanting to take us to even more nations, plus expand the outreaches we are already a part of. Guyana has been very heavy on my heart today! We also received some more letters in the mail today from Africa in response to our radio program on Radio East Africa, asking for prayer, teaching materials and letting us know they gave their hearts to Jesus as a result of the Radio outreach!

Thank you for praying for us and for all your financial support of Revival Now Ministries!