Revival Now Cruise 2007

David Copeland January 19, 2007 4:45 pm

In keeping with the theme of the Book of Psalms holding a prophetic word for the Body of Christ and looking into Psalms 7 for this year, there are eight words that summerize this season we are in with the Body of Christ:

1. Transtion. Transition is simply change or passage from one place or stage to another.

2. Reposition. simply means changing positions. If a bed-bound person stays in one position too long, they lose mobility and their muscles can begin to atrophy. God is trying to transition us into a new position to bring us..

3. Expansion. Webster's definition literally means territorial expansion. We know hell is enlarging itself daily; but our focus must be on expanding the Kingdom of God and His righteousness!

4. Acceleration. God really is speeding up destiny!

5. Vindication. As we allow God to continue the transition process in our lives, He will also impart the vindication we will need to show us and the world the decisions we have made are God decisions.

6. Validation. Simply God's stamp of approval!

7. Legitimacy. I know God want to show us and the world the hope and faith and power we have is not of this world, but something birthed out of a genuine relationship with Jesus! God is tired of illegitimate ministries, programs and ideas! Only the God birthed ministries, programs and ideas are going to survive the next season in God!

8. Legacy! If Jesus tarries 1,000 years, we MUST leave our children, our grandchildren, etc, a legacy of Faith, of God's faithfulness, and a legacy that the Powere of the Holy Spirit did not die with the apostles of the first century!

Psalms 3-7 are believed to have been written by David during the time he was on the run from Saul. It was during this time David married Macaah a Syrian woman and gave birth to Absalom. If we will continue to deal with everythiong that GOD says is an Absalom, we will truly see 2007 be the greatest year in God we've ever had!