Revival News-October Update

David Copeland November 5, 2005 4:42 pm

Hopefully this blog will take off…I have been in places in the last month with no cell service, no Internet, no automobile…and this was in America! Sorry for the delay in activity!

October was probably the greatest month in the history of Revival Now Ministries!

More people responded to the altar calls than I have ever seen before. Our month began in Pattison, Texas with Pastor Brad Morgan and the New Life Beginnings Church. On Friday night, we had the piviledge of Ordaning to the ministry Brother Andre' Reynolds, a young man we became acquainted with through Pastor Henry Porter of Katy, Texas. It was a very sweet service with the Gifts of the Spirit flowing in an unprecedented way.

Saturday and Sunday Services were off the hook! Many were touched by the presence of God in a very encouraging way.

We then traveled to Tarboro, North Carolina to participate in a Tent Revival with the First Pentecostal Holiness Church and Pastor Jesse Blalock. Again the altars were filled with hungry souls seeking the face of our Father. The greatest joy was when I saw my little brother come forward and he and his wife and daughter recommited their lives to Christ.

From there we traveled to Wytheville, Virginia, Sale Creek, Tennesse and then to Demopolis, Alabama. In every church the altars were filled to capacity every night.

This tells me several things:

1. People are hungry for a true visitation from God. We've all been bit by the hype and manipulation we see played out on TV and in some Pentecostal services. I will say some of the things we are accused of as Pentecostal believers we are guilty of. There is a thin line between responding emotionally and responding to the Spirit of God. I would rather be guilty of being too emotional and finally entering into God's Presence than continuously being overly critical of everything that is going on in church and missing the visitation of the Holy Spirit! There are some people who will never enjoy church at all because they find fault in everything going on in every church!

Jesus talked about the people of Israel missing their day of visitation. Luke 19. Part of the problem was they were trying so hard to do it by the letter of the Law, they missed the very one who helped write the Law to begin with: Jesus!

2. Our hunger and thirst is the main key to releasing the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. When the military choppers were distributing cases of bottled water to the victims of the tsunami in southeast Asia, pastors and mayors and other leaders didn't have to beg people to come and get the water: they heard the choppers coming in the distance and they rushed the landing strip. So much so, the choppers had to dump the bottles of water without landing. What caused people to rush the choppers? Their thirst for clean drinking water!

Don't give up on your quest to get closer to God! If you are a pastor, don't quit seeking Him for His touch! It's still not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the LORD!