Revival Is Still Real!

David Copeland December 19, 2005 8:57 pm

God is so good!

Last night we finished our ministry schedule for 2005 by preaching (or was supposed to preach) at our home church The Bridge in Cusseta, Alabama. I said suppose to because as the worship began, the Holy Spirit began to hover over the congregation in such a powerful way, I knew I wasn't suppose to preach.

It seems the Lord has opened my eyes to see in a greater dimension, people are coming to our churches looking for real spiritual help with their problems! When we do not allow Him to control everything, including our worship services, we lock out the very one we are supposed to be worshipping in the first place!

Many would take issue with me and say we are just being fanatical, out of order, too emotional, etc…

I am not promoting chaos; I'm saying more and more the Holy Spirit is going to interupt our agendas, in order for the Gospel of Luke 4 to prevail! (binding up the brokenhearted)

We in America have had so much preaching of the true Gospel, why should we hear another message that is only going to our spiritual waistlines when we haven't done anything with what we have already heard?

I have noticed in my blog surfing over that last several days that there is a growing number of blog sights who are adamantly against everything and seem to be for nothing. They seem to be the only "true guardians of the faith" left that know exactly what everyone else is doing wrong and that they are the only ones doing it right.

I realize I'm not doing everything right: but I sincerely want to and am trying to.

I and know a multitude of others who feel the same way I do!

No, no one has attacked me or our ministry. But I am not ashamed to declare we are persuaded as a ministry that God is sending revival to the United States before the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. I know scripture also states emphatically before Jesus comes there will be a great falling away, that the man of sin may be revealed.

But scripture also teaches us that the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. How can that happen unless God's Spirit moves in such a way that it awakens people' s appetite for God and re-focus' their attention on God?

I thank my Heavenly Father for allowing me to see the things I've seen in 2005. Everywhere we have been in 2005 people have responded to altar calls in great numbers. I am convinced the greatest days of the Church are right now. Not Behind us. Not ahead of us. But right now.

Let me stress I am totally against watering down the Gospel just to get people in our churches: what I am trying to say is there is a generation that is crying out for the real Church of Jesus Christ to please stand up. And when you do, stand up with the power of the Word of the Lord in your mouth, and the Power of the Holy Spirit backing you up! When you do that, your church will fill up!

May 2006 be the greatest year for the Church of Jesus Christ!

God, Send a revival and start with me!