Revival Continues!

David Copeland November 8, 2006 4:30 pm

Our 7th week of revival services continue next week in Samson Alabama at New Life Worship Center! God met us again last night with His awesome Presence!

There has not been a lot of shouting and dancing in these meetings ( I'm definitely not against that!); but service after service there has been a spirit of brokenness…where people begin to weep and cry out to the Lord for His touch on their lives! The Word says He dwells in the high and holy place with he that is of a humble heart and of a contrite spirit!

God help us to stay broken before Him! He is tired of our arrogance and pride in our accomplishments! We cannot do anything without Him!

Lee Grady wrote a piece in a recent edition of Charisma on Heidi Baker…where she conducted a meeting in Cincinnati with most of the time being on the floor face down. In her message she preached on coming lower into God…The question is, how low are we willing to go to be able to rise up in God?