Revival Breaks Out In A Garage

David Copeland March 19, 2012 10:16 am

Pam and I just completed a great weekend in Delray Beach Florida at The Mission with Pastors Carl & Tracey Thomas. This church is three years old and making a powerful impact bringing revival to South Florida.

Last night I believe I saw the beginnings of the next Azuza type outpouring. If you know Pentecostal/Charismatic history, you know the current Spirit Filled movement began from an explosive move of God that took place in a garage in Los Angeles in the early 1900’s. From that revival, the Assemblies of God, Four Square Church and many others were birthed. In the 1900 the garage held horses, donkey’s and sheep; today, a garage will hold a car.

Last night about 50 people met in a garage in the Delray area. As we began to worship, I began to feel God’s heart for the lost and backsliders in that area. As we continued to worship, the power of God came in wave after wave of Glory, touching, healing and setting people free. It was absolutely incredible!

I am not being critical toward anyone as I say what I am about to say: you DO NOT have to have a mega convention center, power point, a nine piece drum set and some yuppy looking guy with spiked hair leading your worship to see God move (if you have spiked hair, don’t get offended!). It may grow into that, but it doesn’t have to start like that. And probably won’t.

You need people with a hunger and thirst for God, a place to meet, and a willingness to seek God until He comes. Then allow Him the time necessary to move until He is through. We have become so busy though, if God doesn’t move in 20 minutes or less it’s nothing but emotion and hype.

I am greatly encouraged today. Last night I saw God move in a garage. No ceiling. Small dinky sound system. No power point. The carpet didn’t match. No hype or manipulation. No light show and no fog machine.

Yes, I saw raw passion, and yes I saw people get emotional. But what I also saw was hunger. Raw hunger and thirst that refused to be quenched by anything other that the Pure Presence of God.

For the record, this is not the only church in South Florida with a call to pursue God for revival and awakening. Many churches in this region are crying out to God for Him to move in this region and in our country. But I am grateful when God allows us to meet and link up with people that are as hungry for God as I am. Maybe even more hungry than I am. And that’s is pretty hungry!

I love you Mission Family. Whatever you do, don’t stop doing what you are doing now. We are one of many ministries birthing the next Great Awakening for America.