Pre Kenya Tuesday Thoughts

David Copeland December 3, 2013 10:15 am

Pre Kenya Tuesday Thoughts

I am so thankful for the calling of God upon my life. While there are many things my flesh could complain about, traveling to the nations to preach the Living Word is NOT one of them.

In a way I am still having Thanksgiving. In all reality, Thanksgiving should not be a one-day event in November. It IS the major key for a victorious life of a Believer. He still inhabits the praise of His people!

I am thankful today I can still travel to the nations to preach His Living Word. I am thankful today for the open doors He has given Pam and I to preach His Living Word.

In spite of all the mission teams and mission works going on in places like Kenya, Nicaragua and other nations where we have been invited, I am thankful there is room for us to work there also. No one church, ministry, preacher or denomination can fulfill the Great Commission by themselves. No one church will win its city or community to Jesus. One single ministry will never turn the world around for Jesus.

All of us have a part to do.

And I am thankful God still believes we can be a part.

There are go-ers and then there are senders. Most people can’t stand the thought of traveling 300 days a year to preach, teach or work for the Lord Jesus. I can’t stand the thought of staying in one place to teach, preach or work for the Lord Jesus. I glad I have found my place. I am extremely grateful to God for His Holy Spirit showing me my part.

What part will you fulfill as we enter the New Year?

Almost to Houston completing the first leg of our final outreach to Kenya for 2013. Thank you to all our friends and partners for your prayers and financial support.