Pattison Weekend Update

David Copeland January 28, 2008 8:03 am

Another great weekend at New Life Beginnings Church in Pattison. The Spirit of God moved mightily in both the Saturday night and Sunday Services.

I ministered on Psalms 8 Saturday night. Last weekend as my flight had been canceled, as I was standing watching the conveyor belt go around and around, the Spirit of God spoke to me and said, "with the dominion I am releasing I am also releasing a greater anointing of the prophet, priest and king!"

The prophet or prophetic anointing for those who can't quite stomach a prophet, come from God with a word to minister to people. The priest anointing ministers to God FOR the people.

The king anointing in our culture is an anointing for the market place! An Anointing to stand in the political arena, the judicial arena. It is anointing to start and run businesses that will provide jobs and resources for the people of the Kingdom!

I'm think the reason so many men (and women) get frustrated is they get saved, get on fire for God and we instantly try to make pastors an preachers out of men who are anointined to stand in the priestly office, they are anointed for the business world!

I realize the prosperity message has been out of balance in the US church in the last 30 years. But without God giving His people some prosperity, we will not be able to finish the jobs we have to do for His Kingdom!
When prosperity seizes you instead of you seizing prosperity, then you are out of balance. Prosperity is not about cars and rings and material wealth in banks rotting away, it about having provision to live and sustain others in times of famine!
Let the Dominion of God come!